My name is Luke Guy & I help coaches, consultants, and agencies!

Get 50 appointments (or 5 clients) or your money back.

Here is some results we have provided for our clients & a few flexes:

Want to see how I build calendars full of appointments. View one of my calendars here:)

I am "GIF King" with millions of views. Celebs and millions have used my face to communicate haha. Feel free to tap the image to see stats.

Connor worked with us and he was able to close an extra $100k in his business same year. So we sent him this reward.

We worked with Paul in the fitness niche. He went from $20k months to $50k months same year he worked with us.

I have personally closed over

7 figures for my company not including what we have done for clients. This was an award Clickfunnels sent us.

We have worked with Michael Stelzner (Social Media Examiner), Pat Flynn & I've gotten to network with people like Neil Patel.

I worked with John Lee Dumas. He's a podcaster of over 50M downloads on his podcast.

Philip closes over $100K in

1.5 years after working our lead systems we built for him!

We like to surprise clients with billboards, T-shirts, and awards when they do well!

Zach got his business to $20k months using our organic methods of getting clients. He is showing off his award we gave him!

Isaac talks about how I became his top selling partner at his agency. I know sales and can help you increase your closing skills.

We turned Priya into a closing rep and ended up growing her business to $10K months.

This was me and Paul doing a private mastermind to get his company to $100k months. I gave him a crystal award and a tumbler cup.

This is a glance in one of our groups where people go over their wins and numbers.

Tara 3Xed her income in her sales so I did a billboard for her to celebrate!

I worked with Jason and built his team a marketing system that increased lead flow.

Eric helps people get the best home and coaches them on everything they need to know. With my system he builds a solid business.

Faris gets the $40K award from me and he talks about it here!

David gets his calendar filled up while working with me.

Here's just a few things people had to say over the years about working with me.

I help Ben become a virtual closer and he hits $6k weeks after joining the program.

Rocco & Zach close over $100k after working with me. So I sent them this award.

I sent Anna a laptop as a gift to surprise her.

I was interviewed by Highlevel the CRM software!

Ryan closes over six figures after a few years of working with me.

Bryce did well after joining our program. We taught him sales.

Clarence also did pretty well after working with us!

We helped Jax find a $9K sales position and get hired!

Karan learned how to set his own deals with us!

My podcast featured in 3rd largest city in Georgia!

A picture of my team we took in 2021.