Why I Hate Signing Up For Newsletters I Like

gmail, primary, tabThis is really getting to me. I sign up for a newsletter and sure enough, it’s shot into “Promotions” tab instead of my Primary. Which is fancy for spam in Google. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t actually want these things to come to me, BUT I DO! I’ve signed up with Jeff Goin (again), Jay Baer, Amy Porterfield, Appsumo, Michael Hyatt, and a few others. They’re all in the Promotions tab except for a few I didn’t mention. You’ll be amazed at why they’re caught in these places to begin with. 

What’s so bad about the Promotions Tab? These emails are mixed with stuff from Lowes, HP, Amazon, Etsy (my wife’s idea), Walgreens, Fiverr, Twitter Business and all of these “buy me” emails. Do I want to scavenge through that? Negative. 

Besides, when I’m at work, I wait for the “ding”. That’s the signal for an email that will help build my blog/business/email list. So if I never hear the “ding” I don’t look. Did I mention the “ding” only goes off when something hits my Primary section? 

So what can these guys do about their email formatting?

Here are some things I have noticed from the most recent emails I have found in Promotion.

Jeff Goins, Luke Guy, Email


Jeff’s emails look great, except one big thing. The Header. Google will more than likely banish you if they detect headers in your message. So you’re more than likely going to be sent to Promotions Tab.

Jay Baer, Luke Guy, Email


Jay Baer’s email looks like this. It’s more of a “Hey! New Post Baby!” Except there is about 10 new post in this email. Which is fine, but Google doesn’t like it. Google wants an email to connect and be more personal with user. This looks like a bomb shelter of links to Google. So that tossed into the Promotions tab. 

fiverr, luke guy


I’m not sure how I got Fiverr’s email, except that I bought something one time. It’s fine to me though. I like to study email formats and I knew Fiver would never see the light of day in Primary. It’s good to study though and try to figure out why. Want to know why it’s there?

  1. $5 appears 12 times
  2. 18 images
  3. 22 links
  4. A header
  5. “Order now” 9 times

That’s for starters:) So if you see any parallelization with Fiverr, I’d consider a new makeover if you want to see higher open rates. Higher open rates could mean more profits, but not always. Just test and see. 

The other emails are about the same in my Promotions. The same blah-blah-blah. Why? Maybe they make more from other email providers who don’t have this filter. Maybe they don’t listen. Maybe they can’t let go of the old traditions. Maybe they haven’t read this post. 


So let’s learn from these emails today. You should also add these ingredients in the mix to increase those open rates:

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Include as much information about the reader
  • Be consistent with delivery
  • Every email must add value to reader
  • No sales pitch
  • Hold the links to one (possibly 2)
  • Text Form In HTML
  • You must have an amazing subject line
  • Reply to Messages

Do these things and you’ll be an email star:)



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