So Why Does My Business Need A Blog?

Question about Blogs
Question about Blogs

Your business needs a blog because without it all you’re doing is asking for money. This blog will bring back value to your customer, and it keeps them coming back to your website. You’re offering tips, and advice in which is helping them tremendously. So it keeps them coming back, and its keeping you from looking like someone always asking for money. Those people aren’t cool.

You’re their friend and the only reason you want them to buy your product anyways is because it benefits them. The more they spend the better off they are. Your product makes them more money, makes them smarter, makes them look good, keeps them full (restaurant style), or whatever it maybe. The more they spend the better off they are, but to give it a better a experience for the customer, give them content that keeps you engaged with them.

The Benefits to A Blog For Your Business:

-They will share your articles (which means they’re indirectly exposing you to more leads)

-You have repeat readers which could mean repeat customers

-Saves money on advertisement (This shouldn’t replace advertisement, but it can sure help save you money)

-You’re keeping it fresh and giving new content that makes your site more livelier

-Feedback (Your customers will comment and leave you feedback in which shows you how you can serve them better)

-Keeps you exploring (You learn to become creative as you write about your products and how they actually help your customer, in

which will help your sales pitch over the phone)

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