Ways to Get Leads In Your Local Area

Today I wanted to share with you something I have learned about getting local leads in my local area. It’s not magic, and it takes a little effort, but if you work it right, you could have people working for you (not knowing it) and getting you leads for free! I’ve done it and know it works. Today’s article is about community, learning about what’s in your city, and new businesses that may be there. There are many ways in discovering new 640px-Facebook_Logobusinesses in your city, but today I’m going to focus on one that takes only 5 minutes of your time.

What’s required? A Facebook or Google Plus account and some social skills.

One day I wanted to amp my leads and to gain more customers (for a local business I was running) so I decided to tap into some group pages on Facebook. So I did. I would have conversations and learn about my target city. I would ask questions and later learn everything I needed to know. It was about 3 weeks, I think, before I had figured it out. I landed a $1,500 job in my local area and then some smaller ones from there. All because I asked some questions. Not bad when I didn’t even have to leave the chair, well, only to get the money of course:) And then later to do the work, but still that’s not bad. I have learn that doing this could be more effective than advertising in some situations.

So what did I ask the communities in these social areas? I asked questions like:

“Does anyone know of any new restaurants coming to town?” People will start commenting and leaving you some great places to study. Many times they’ll give you the fan page link too, which is great. You then can call these places and land a sale. This is great, because new restaurants have to have services like air conditioning, pest control, sign creating, interior design, accounting and etc. 


Something else I would do is type in: “Restaurant” in Google, it then gives you all the restaurants in your area.

Then from there click on their websites. Most of the time these guys will have their facebook link on their site. Click on it, and just do some research. The Facebook will tell you everything, along with Google Plus. If it was just opened, super! You got a high chance of winning a bid. If their not new, you can still submit a bid and just let them know you exist. It’s a great way to pick your customers and get the ones you know will last the longest with you. Because some customers you may not want!

Here’s another great way to do research. Type in: “Restaurant” in Facebook Search, it then gives you all the restaurants in your area. On the right bottom corner you can adjust settings in cities that you want to do research.restaraunt


Remember the lower the rating they have, the more likely they won’t pay. If they’re not treating the customer right who is paying them money, what will they do to you when they’re done?

Another Tip

Here’s something else you can try:search

You can also go to these communities and just search what’s in them. If you click the above where it’s circled and look up keywords that related to your business. Sometimes people ask their group pages questions when considering to using a service of some kind. Another great way to keep track of possible leads.

Another Side Tip

Another great way to stay in front of people is by filling out those silly classified! Like Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, LocalBiz, and etc. Those things really work and they’re free! Craigslist does well also.

So hopefully this can give you some ideas on how to get involved with your community and to find you potential leads. Sometimes things like this can be more effective than online advertising. Being would rather talk to a person than to click ads, read, and then call. It takes both organic search, ads, and involvement with your community to make a business flourish.

Hope this helps!