How To Turn Famous Bloggers Into Prizes That Grow Email List

This week I was trying to figure out some more amazing prize ideas for you guys that would be affordable and grow the list. Something that wouldn’t rob the bank and just make that winner go crazy. That’s when it hit’s me: Why not turn people into prizes? I’ll explain.

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Why not turn bloggers into affordable prizes? Why not give your readers a chance to speak with one of their favorite bloggers (besides yourself)? By doing this through skype, they get a chance to ask that blogger anything. Totally priceless. 

It’s like meeting a famous person all over again. Except they’re teaching you how to be a better writer/entrepreneur/podcaster.

I’ve never seen anyone offer this kind of prize, but I think it would work out great. If you could only find a blogger with a huge following who is willing to do it, you may have an email list before you know it. Learn how to perform contest here and grow email list.

But why would a famous blogger do this for you?

You’ve got to offer some amazing benefits. Something that will require work on your part. You’ll need to present this when emailing these bloggers. 

Benefits Like:



-Offer your services free

-Possibly money

How to pick the perfect prize blogger

You’ve got to do your homework and research the demand of this blogger. I was fortunate enough to get John Lee Dumas on and have him offer 10 minutes of his time. Which was great. You too can do this with your favorite blogger, but you need to study who is actually on demand. 

If the blogger has been writing for years, this is a plus. 30k-50k on his email list? Perfect. That many following him on Twitter? Great. These things matter when picking this guy out. A tool to measure demand is: Google Trends.

By typing out the blogger’s names you can see the demand compared to others. This will also indicate how hard it will be to get these guys to actually do it also. So you may want to share on a smaller scale. 

Try asking other bloggers who aren’t “A-Listers”. See if they would agree to sharing this on their platform. This will give it a boost.

Or better yet, have a contest that features 3 bloggers who are pretty well known, but not making the millions yet. If they see one of their buddies join, good chance they will too. 

What should the contest be about?

What would be the main reason to join this contest from the contestant’s POV? One, to meet the blogger and two, to learn something from that blogger. If one blogger is a genius at affiliate marketing, one is good at SEO, and the other is a podcasting star, this would make a great mix. 

By offering 3 bloggers, you could give the contestant 30-60 minutes worth of consultation. 

What should my pitching email look like to the prize (blogger)?

Hey XYZ,
My name is Luke and I blog at I’m wanting to know if I could offer you (XYZ) as my next prize. 
When I say this, I mean, can I offer a 10-20 minute skype call (with you) as a prize to my audience?  My crowd knows a lot about you and would love to have the chance to speak with the blogging star. How it would blow their mind!?
How does this benefit you? 
1. 10 minutes of your time equals around a week of mine in promotion
2. I write for blah, blah, blah. These are platforms I use to promote so I definitely have some traffic power. 
3. You get free exposure
4. You’re seen as a prize, which you are!
5. An article written at my site also
6. I setup the contest and everything. All I need is 10 minutes of your time to the lucky winner.
Is this something you could do for my audience who love you XYZ? 
Your Fan,

Final Point

If you can get those bloggers to share your contest it would help you a lot. So possibly write about the contest and just make it super easy for them to do so.

How will you take this to grow your list? Let me know in comments below.  


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