Trello: How This Tool Tripled Traffic & Made Me Money

Ever so often I give you my latest update on the tools I’m using to increase my success. Well, guess what? I have found a new tool! I know you love these post about tools, so let me introduce to you…TRELLO

I just downloaded it a few months ago, and it has done wonders for me. You definitely want this in your “utility belt”. It can increase profit, traffic, and organize your thoughts for a successful product and service.

Trello is my latest crave in the app world. It comes in app form, and also a website that syncs with your app. I’ll be revealing how I use it to make money and build my SEO traffic.

Let’s talk about how Trello does that.

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This is what Trello has done for me:

-Increased my traffic from latest post, 8 Ways You’re Killing Your SEO Traffic (that post did triple in traffic compared to the other post)

-Has helped organize my thoughts into something I can actually see

-Helped me strategize on my SEO

-Has turned my projects into boards in which I have broken down into cards, pictures, links, and labels. This way I can visualize my projects before building them.

-Has helped me validate my latest ideas and to see if they’d actually work out.

In the video I’ll explain this more and reveal how I’m building SEO strategies with it.

I’m Using Trello For A Future Project

I have this site I’m launching in a few months and I’m using Trello for this. I used it to validate, to create a launch strategy, and to create my blueprint of this future project. Everything going smooth because I found this little gem:)

I also use while working with my developer to take notes and to show him what needs to be done next. The features Trello includes is so cool that you can literally build anything on “paper” before production.

Trello features, trello

Why you’d like Trello?

Trello is like Pinterest (but more private) on steroids except you actually get things done:) It’s available in both app form and desktop form. They both sync together and you can invite people to help you with your next project. Within your “boards” you can discuss each “card” and how you plan to execute that specific task.

Trello, business

Once you feel like you have created the perfect strategy you can begin to execute and follow the plan that you have created within Trello.

If people were to use this for every post they wrote, they would get more SEO traffic, make more money, and feel so much better about their work.

Why would I recommend Trello to you?

It has helped me stay organized. It will help you launch your next book, service, software etc. I know you’re going to thank me later whenever your next project is a major home run.

In the video I made for you, we’re going to create a Trello board just for this article today. I’m going to show you how to turn your next blog post into a major SEO hit. You can use Trello for anything, but since my blog is about marketing, I will create an SEO strategy within Trello for example purposes.

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