The Startups Guide To An Online Business Strategy



Everything you’ll ever need to know about business is within this one article. Created by the greatest bloggers online you’re sure to find your answer all here. By reading all of these articles it’s like taking the best pages of amazing books and putting into one book (or article).

And that’s exactly what we did.

Me being your filter, I’ve pulled from tons of blogs out there, and put together something all startups and business minds can use. You may have not realized that webinars convert low user count into big sales, but they do! And that’s why we include it as a category.

By including all of these categories into your business strategy, you’re sure to see a higher percentage in sales if you execute correctly.

Why would I do this when Google exist? Why would I think my article could even compare to a huge search engine when it came to nailing down THE best articles?

Well my friend, Google is still working on bringing the best results, but not everything you type into Google will be the best. I’ve read every one of these articles and can tell you. They’re good. I had factors also when comparing these articles among others.

From guest-posting to webinar creation. It’s here. If I miss anything, leave a comment below and we’ll build the most epic business guide known to man.

Sound good?

If you’re wanting to find something specifically, simply click CTRL+ F. Then type your keyword. That should help you find whatever your heart desires.

I’ve estimated that if this post was one huge post full of the words inside these articles, it would be around 43,200 words (at 800 words per article).

My factors when choosing articles

I’ve read these articles to ensure many things, main thing was epic content was within these articles. I also checked on experience, domain authority, word count,  and graphics. All which were high quality.

So go ahead and search through this Mega-Article full of tips on growing your online business.

The Startup Online Business Guide


  1. How to Earn $50-$100 Daily with Affiliate Marketing?– Jafar DHada
  2. Can You Make Money from Affiliate Marketing? If so How?– Tips and Tricks


  1. How To Grow a New Website to Over 100,000 Organic Visits Per Month– SEO Nick
  2. How To Increase Your Blog Traffic (Infographic)– Sue Anne Dunlevie
  3. 25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website– WordStream (Founder Larry Kim)

Guest posting

  1. 3 Ways Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Audience– By Jeff Goins
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging– Kristi Hines at Kissmetrics
  3. 7 Crucial Tactics for Writing a Wildly Successful Guest Post– Ramsay Taplin at Copyblogger
  4. How to Guest Blog for List Growth– Will Blunt


  1. Reaching your target audience and the top 5 ways to promote your podcast– By EOFIRE
  2. How To Grow Your Audience And Market Your Podcast– Podcast Answer Man
  3. How to Start a Podcast – Pat’s Complete Step-By-Step Podcasting Tutorial– Pat Flynn


  1. How To Create A Blog Post (And an eBook, Audio Clip, and Video Clip) From One Webinar While Growing Email List – Luke Guy

Increase Email Open Rate

  1. How to Make Sure Your Emails Land in Gmail’s Primary Inbox – Convince & Convert
  2. What’s a Good Email Open Rate and How You Can Improve Yours– Optin Monster
  3. Tips for Improving Your Stats– Mailchimp
  4. How to Land Your Emails in the Gmail “Primary” Tab Every Time– Luke Guy at Smart Passive Income

Best Web Hosting

Five Best Web Hosting Companies– LifeHacker

Best Podcast Hosting

The Best Podcast Hosting Services Compared– Music Radio Creative

Best Podcast Equipment

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting: Equipment– Jeff Large

Facebook Ads

7 Steps to a Profitable Facebook Marketing Plan– Amy Porterfield

Google Adword Ads

How to Use Google AdWords: A Simple Setup Tutorial– Amanda Sibley


  1. How to Read Google Analytics Reports In Three Steps– Eric Squair
  2. How to Use Google Analytics: Getting Started– Kristi Hines At Social Media Examiner

Viral Blog Post

The Truth About Going Viral: What I Did After 1 Million People Stopped By My Blog – Jeff Goins

How to Get Backlinks

  1. How to Get High Quality Backlinks (Without Guest Posting)– Brian Dean
  2. 7 Proactive Ways to Get Backlinks That’ll Actually Boost Your Traffic– Neil Patel

Social Media Tools

61 Best Social Media Tools for Small Business–  Buffer

How to Use WordPress

How to Create a Website Using WordPress– Trey Gardner

Keyword Research

How to Do Keyword Research: A 6-Point Checklist– Chelsea Adams At Bruce Clay, Inc.

Keyword Research Chapter 5–  By Moz

Time Management

  1. 10 things I do to manage my time more effectively– Sean Johnson
  2. 6 Steps to Crush Your Goals in 2015– Tor Refsland

How To Connect

Twitter Strategies That You Must Implement For 2016 –  Luke Guy

Best Forms Of Payment

10 Excellent Online Payment Systems– Rosston Meyer

Email List

  1. 41 Tips that Put Over 10,000 People on My Email Subscriber List– Blog Tyrant
  2. The Super Simple Way I Grew My Email List Overnight Using ShortStack– Kristina Allen
  3. 15 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List– Douglas Karr

Creating Membership Sites

How To Start A Profitable Membership Site Step By Step– Jason Chester

Book Publishing

Start Here: How to Self-Publish Your Book– Jane Friedman

Email PopUps

How We Increased Our Email Subscribers by 600% with OptinMonster– WP Beginner

App Creation

  1. How To Make iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience– Chris Ching
  2. 21 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App– Heidi Cohen

Podcast Sponsorships

What stats matter most to a podcast sponsor?– Daniel Lewis


How To Consistently Grow Your Consulting Business– Martin Steward

Giveaways And Email List

4 Irresistible Giveaways To Quickly Grow Your Email List– Optin Monster


  1. How to Grow Your Twitter Following– Juan Lopez at Social Media Examiner
  2. The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter– Michael Hyatt


6 Strategies to Sleep Soundly, Wake Rested, and Accomplish More – By Michael Hyatt

Blog Promotion

  1. 101 Ways to Promote your Blog & get more visitors– Mike Wallagher
  2. How To Promote Your Blog To Get 1000 Shares– Ian Cleary

SEO Strategy

The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketin– By QuickSprout

eBook Creation

How to Create an eBook– Lisa Irby

Product Launches

4 Essential Elements of a Flawless Product Launch– Hubspot


Can you really compete with 1.7 million post today?–  Luke Guy

Online Courses

7 Tips On How To Create and Sell Online Courses-  Derek Halpern

Link Disclaimer: All links have been reviewed and has been approved for all audiences. That means no profanity or anything like this will be found on the post. These are from authoritative sites, we just like to make sure all post are family friendly for everyone. Videos were not reviewed due to time. I also didn’t check content in comments. 


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