The Goals Of My Podcast Coming In February (And some cool information)

My Podcast Set I

So February is getting here quickly, and for once, I’m actually looking forward to it. My podcast journey is about to begin.

This time last year, I was scared to death about the very idea. The possibilities, the hurdles, and the critics.

I mean the fear is real. What if I say something stupid? What if I make a mistake and the world sees it? The fears are endless. I decided to wait for the end of 2015 to roll around before considering podcasting again.

That’s when I realized the reality was here. I had to make this happen and that it was time to do this podcasting thing. 4 months prior to January of this year, I decided to start strategizing for this project.

I have interviewed some A-lister type of influencers and pulling everything together. I felt nervous at my first interview, and thought I blew it. I was interviewing with a blogger I have been reading for a long time. So I really looked up to him in the blogging world. Took me a week to even go back and listen to the podcast. Wasn’t bad at all.

So I should be fine.

What are goals for this podcast?

  1. I’m looking to continue this for a very long. Even possibly for the rest of my life. I love to talk about marketing, connections, and the latest marketing news. The focus will be growing your online presence and how to build connections. It’s the dream of many, but the reality of only a few.
  2. I actually want this podcast to excite you. Like a cup of coffee, I want this podcast to ignite energy inside you to make things happen. That seems to be what’s lacking for most. It’s not ideas, but simply the energy to get the job down.
  3. To let every podcast represent a question that’s not being covered as fully as possible online. As my show continues, my research will be more extensive and hopefully more explosive in response from my listeners.
  4. To build connections with you as you walk, work, and ride in the car.
  5. To bring awareness of the Luke Guy brand, and to help me one day write a NYT Best Seller.
  6. To interview the highest in demand speakers. I like a challenge:)

In this blog post I’m also going to reveal some details about the show that you may find interesting. Here are some interesting things that will make this show a great one.

Title: Ask The Guy Show

AVG Length: 20-35 minutes

Solo or guest featuring? The focus is me talking with you. However, I will bring “backup” when I’m looking to dig deeper in a subject I may not have experienced as deep yet. The backup will be people I consider experts based on their experience.

Content base: The content will based off of your questions through email, Twitter and those find all over the internet.

Focus: Business, Startups, Traffic, Connections

Mindset: I’m talking to those who have a start-up mindset. At the beginning of your business life, you was going to take over the world, saturate your market, and retire at 30. If you’re past this stage, I want to bring it back. The feeling at least. I want you to feel this, but this time, with experience at your side.

Where I’m at as of now

Got the intro being worked on as we speak, and recording like crazy, trying to get my content ready to roll. I’m also working on my cover art. I do that myself and looking to get reviews from my friends online (that means you). These are the following proofs I have so far:


What I need to make this a success

I’ll need you… Of course. I’ll also need reviews. Lot’s of reviews from those who love this show. So the first week is crucial and I hope that you’ll leave me one. It will excite me even more when I read it. But I’ll tell you how to do this further down the road once the show comes out on iTunes and the Android platforms.


As the time is rolling by, I’m excited as see this countdown like minutes. I appreciate those of you who have been following me. I’m here for you and really looking to connect over your ideas, struggles, and whatever message you may have for me.

Talk to you soon,


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