How this spreadsheet saved my SEO traffic and business

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Let’s get with my story now. 

I remember the panic. I was in desperate need for something that could save my marketing company. I wanted my marketing clients to do much better with the results I was providing. They were okay, but I needed something more…

I remember the panic. I was in desperate need for something that could save my marketing company. I wanted my marketing clients to do much better with the results I was providing. They were okay, but I needed something more…

Higher rankings within search engines was what everyone wanted but the competition was fierce! If I didn’t find a solution soon, I would soon collapse under the work load and eventually fail miserably.

I began to research and try to find something that would rescue my time and organize everything nicely. After much reading, I decided to do some training and see if I would get some ideas from this popular trainer. 

After doing this, something changed everything for me and I soon began climbing within rankings. The solution was given to me, and I never thought it would be so helpful. 

Until now.

How I Discovered “The Formula Spreadsheet”

I was in the training session one day and was trying to improve myself within SEO and traffic building. The instructor offered us this spreadsheet and said it might help us one day. She continued with the lesson.

Downloading the spreadsheet, I soon opened it up, and lightbulbs were going off in my head.

I found the solution. This was it.

This masterpiece broke down her strategy within a organized sheet that was so easy to follow. I didn’t even know you could break down a spreadsheet like this. The beauty of it was the concept. Every step was broken down. Once you completed a step, you marked it, and went on to the next step. 

Instead of trying to tackle the whole project, you tackled it one step a time. It’s like eating an elephant. There’s only one way to do it. 


However, the spreadsheet needed work. I needed to add my formula within to see better results based on my test. It would be broken down and I could transfer over to a team and see it work faster.

It was perfect.

Every step, every task, and SEO move I needed to perform could be broken down with this spreadsheet. I then begin tweaking the sheet myself and making the formula more updated for today in SEO. 


It changed everything, and I will use this method forever until I find something better (if possible).

But why am I telling you this?

I understand in business it’s hard to get real results. You have no idea where to turn, and you have no idea how to carve a post to receive traffic and revenue.

With a formula, it changes all that for you. Your best formulas are ones you have created yourself but are built off of other ideas that work. Just like my situation.

That’s why you need to create your own secret formula spreadsheet. 

It’s not as complicated as you think.

How To Create A Formula Spreadsheet


I want to show you how to create a formula spreadsheet that will help you with whatever online marketing you’re wanting to perform. 

Maybe you’re wanting a larger email list, more readers, more likes on facebook, more SEO traffic, etc. An organized spreadsheet will help you do just that.

With a formula (in spreadsheet form) you can win every time when you produce a blog post or anything related to business.


Major Companies Use This Same Concept

For instance, when they create a real product, such as the smartphone, they first create the prototype. They then test it, and then once it passes the test, kaboom, the latest phone comes out. 

That phone maybe the iPhone 7, but it’s simply a better version of the iPhone 6. They keep building on top of what’s already working.

Once they make one, they can make millions of them. All because of one formula that keeps improving. It’s the assembly line concept.


It’s the same way with a formula spreadsheet.

You buy one that’s working and simply build on top of it. That’s how it works. You keep improving so that your blog post perform better and better. 

Build Your Own Spreadsheet

Let’s get started on how to create a spreadsheet for you that will turn each blog post into traffic, revenue, and more security for you.

1. You need a goal

When the spreadsheet is filled out and I’m done with it, what happens to my blog post? Will it rank in Google? Does it get more traffic up front? Is it suppose to convert into customers after reading? Is this suppose to help with building my email list?

Believe it or not, every post doesn’t do all the above. It’s best to have a call-to-action for every blog post. I’ve studied this, by making this as simple as possible, you get better results.

So go ahead and get an idea of what you want the blog post to do and create a spreadsheet around that action.

After you perform every step on the spreadsheet, what happens? That should be your thoughts when creating this spreadsheet.

2. You need the actual formula

Within my spreadsheet there are pages. Each page represents major task within the formula. Within that page are little tasks I must complete to fulfill the major task.  As you perform each task, you come closer to reaching your goal.



For instance with my SEO spreadsheet, if I do everything within that spreadsheet, I’m page one on Google.

Where did my formula come from? It came from experimenting and also it was built on another formula I bought from an SEO trainer. So it was already built on success and then I added my steps to make it work like a dream.

It was based on studies I read about, it was based on personal studies, and it’s based on documents released by Google.

3. You need to break down the formula into small steps

The way you do this is by listing everything on a page that makes up the process. Let’s break down the process of creating an amazing blog post. You’d list everything down that you think makes a blog post very successful. Here are some things that help me make a blog post successful: 

  1. An outline
  2. Keyword research
  3. Amazing pictures
  4. Great grammar skills
  5. At least 1000 words
  6. A Call to Action
  7. FB Ads To Promote It
  8. A great storyline built within
  9. A lesson that will help a life improve
  10. Links to great articles
  11. A Great title that converts
  12. Funny lines that makes the reader like you
  13. An Explainer Video if you have one
  14. Base your article on facts that can be proven
  15. A promotional strategy
  16. A plan on how this makes you money
  17. Create the blog post that not only helps your reader but it also markets your business

4. You need an easy place to access it

I use Google drive for this. I duplicate my formula spreadsheet and put the name of the project on it. When I’m ready to do some work on that client or project, I pull it up and begin where I left off. Using something like Google drive makes it easy to find and access.


The good thing about Google drive is that you can copy the spreadsheet over and over again for each blog post that you want to do well. 

Why is a formula spreadsheet important?

Before this spreadsheet, I was unorganized. This spreadsheet makes it possible to make more money on top of that. Think of it like Mcdonalds. Their computer system is the backbone of their business. 

You have the guy putting on the vegetables, and guess what, he’s looking at a computer screen. The one at the drive-in taking orders? She’s looking at a computer. The one at the register? She’s at the computer also.

They all report their work to the system and it helps everyone work together and create a product.

It’s all based on a formula and a system. This spreadsheet helps with both. 

See My SEO Spreadsheet In Action

So go ahead and begin creating a formula sheet that shows you step by step what to do to make that post successful. If you’re interested in my SEO formula, and wanting to learn more about what’s inside, you should watch my webinar coming up today.


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