How Being Different Makes People Rich


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Have you ever downloaded an app, tried a new product, or read a genius story and thought to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Sure you have, we all have, and there’s a reason why we didn’t.

There have been thousands of ideas that have made millions, if not billions, that were just simply, well um. Simple. Here are some of those products: Products That Solved A Problem

But how do we get our minds to see that far into the future? To see that this product will be a complete success?

There have been plenty of books turned down, websites that were mocked, products that were claimed to flop, that were actually  million dollar ideas. But how does that person know it won’t flop when EVERYONE says it will. Because he see’s something different, from a different angle.

He drinks different, eats different, walks different. He’s definitely different, because different is all he knows. Why?

Most of your entrepreneurs were the “nerds” growing up, or the “strange one”. The one who had few friends and a million ideas. He was definitely different.

The ones who were raised different and always did things different. No one seemed to understand these kind of people and they felt weird trying to explain what they actually thought. Ideas of success, people couldn’t understand. No one understood until they bought the dudes computer, tablet, or app. Now they understand.

So do all “nerds” succeed? Nope. Do all weird people make millions? That’s a negative.

It’s not because they’re a certain type of person, but it’s simply because they’re different from everyone else. They had no choice but to be different. Being different and thinking different means your results will be different.

Being different automatically means having different ideas. Like being from a different country, fascinated with technology because your parents thought it kept you occupied, born without a father, having a flaw in the body, or raised in a different culture. These situations produce different kinds of people with different perspectives.

The reason these people see something great when others claim their product is going to flop, it’s because the perspective is, and always will be, different. What I’m trying to say, Different is Okay. Definitely when you fight the mindset of everyone else. Not talking about Morals here, those never change. I’m talking about the way we do things.

Like me for instance, I purposely try to be different. I want to relate with people, sure. But as for my mind, I want to think differently. Like out of this world different. 

How do I do this?

First I throw out my TV, radical I know. Haven’t had one for 3 years actually.

I avoid the news, and catch headlines every now and then. Just by doing this, I am thinking differently. I avoid media, and don’t care about the latest gossip. I don’t want to catch this “worldy” mindset. I don’t do things because I was pressured and everyone else is doing it. I do it because it’s logical, because I see profitable results. I want to be different. 

How To Be Different:

1. Avoiding the noise (TV, MEDIA, NEWS)

2. Don’t take the path of the most traveled.

3. Dare to think independently.

4. Avoid Human Routine and Interest (Basically, don’t do it because everyone is doing it.)

5.  Wake up early and tackle the world before everyone else does.

6. Read more and study history.

7. Love to research and watch young businesses from

8. Make mistakes. The more you see what doesn’t work, the more you know about what Will Work.

Sounds crazy huh? That’s a good thing, when we break away from the “robot mentality” and get away from the noise, it means less are thinking like you. It means, Less Competition. It’s how the greatest ideas are born and I encourage it daily. To be different. It’s beautiful.

So when people ask you, “Why Didn’t I think Of That?” You can tell them why, and of course send them here to read this blogpost:)

4 thoughts on “How Being Different Makes People Rich

  1. I admit that it’s funny to see this in type as I too have gathered that at the very least, I think differently from a large majority of the populous. To have someone write this almost exact depiction on how I feel, lets me know that “I” is actually “us”, and “we” think outside the “place” that the box resides in.

    1. Dion,
      Different has always stood out. For both good and bad, but understand different isn’t automatically bad. To be different than this world is usually a good thing. Almost sound Alien here don’t I? :)

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