Twitter Strategies That You Must Implement For 2016

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Credit: Rosaura Ochoa

For 2016, I’m setting goals. Like big ones, and Twitter is going to be a strong factor for me. If you follow in the same foot steps, we will be able to grow faster together. Warning, you must hustle like never before. Let the engagement from others drive you to keep going.

With this Twitter strategy, I plan to grow the following:

  1. My Podcast
  2. My Blog
  3. My Email List
  4. My Brand Awareness
  5. My Revenue

I must achieve Twitter goals before this can happen. Not saying, that Twitter is the only way to grow these platforms. But this tool will be a part of my greatest outreach program ever.

Email still works for this also, but Twitter really helps me focus on my targets in more of an organized way.

My Goals I Want To Achieve:

  1. Tweeting 50 Times A Day (in conversation)
  2. Post 10-20 Tweets A Day On Timeline
  3. Add 10 more influencers to my list every week
  4. Create Warm Relationships with my List
  5. Increase exposure by 20% every month

By hitting these goals I can really grow my platforms as stated above. I get these numbers from major bloggers who are reaching out pretty heavy. Now, I don’t hardly hit these numbers, but they’re my goal. It gives me something to strive for. Right now I’m doing 10-20 a people in outreach.

However, the weakness I see among most is their engaging. They only respond to 10-20 a day. That’s simply replying to people. That’s not looking for people to hook up with. That’s simply giving a 🙂 symbol. They’re getting a little lazy.

But why Twitter? Why am I focusing on Twitter? Is Twitter some magical tool that I’m just now realizing exist? No.

What I do know, and realizing more everyday, is that connections are powerful. Not just any connections though, but powerful/hot connections. Connections like this are worth having. These type of relationships sell for you, they buy from you, they support, and they love you.

And with Twitter, I can make that happen.


Achieving Twitter Goals With My Strategy

I’m making my list of people that I want to to get to know. I’m adding them to my Twitter List that I have created. And simply watching every tweet that catches my eye and then replying to their tweets.

That’s it!

How do I know who to connect with?

I write about SEO, Time Management, Email Formatting, and topics like this. So obviously my targets would be business junkies. These are ones talking about new projects on Kickstarter, the latest Google Guidelines, the newest business podcast and so on.

I just know how my people think, because I’m one of them. I don’t want to waste my time scrolling through people who don’t think like this. If they don’t, I don’t follow unless we’re close friends.

Why should this work? Well first of all, I’m building exposure for me. And two, I’m reaching out to people that could really help achieve similar goals as to theirs.

I plan to write a blog post, that is more deep about this. Like a Mega-Article. So be watching out for that.

Biggest deal here on Twitter is that engagement can be real if you really look for it. And that’s what I’m aiming for, and that’s talking with hundreds everyday about topics that I love: SEO & Business.

By staying on top of Twitter I can see what content is being created and what’s not. Inside in my head, I’m filtering all this and to see what’s missing.

Hopefully this helps you with your Twitter Strategy and get you ahead also!