My Prelaunch Podcast Strategy For 2016

This year has been a total blast of a journey and I’m totally stoked for another year of this. Who knows where I’ll find myself next year? Well after this last announcement, there’s no telling.

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I have decided to do a podcast and I have developed a pre-launch strategy plan. The reason I’m doing a podcast is because one, it’s been on my mind for years.

Two, Google is about to release their podcasting platform and things seem to be heading in this direction.

Well, that’s all about to change as I go 0-60 towards the podcasting world. I’ve already bought the equipment and I have already have my blueprint put together.

Give me your email and I’ll let you know exactly when it goes up. You can do that by going here:

The podcast comes out in February of 2016. I’m giving myself sometime to build momentum and to really get this show rolling. So I’ve decided to create myself a prelaunch strategy for my podcast. I wasn’t able to find anything online and decided to brainstorm and create my own plan.

The Prelaunch Podcast Strategy

Social Media Connecting

I’m building connections on social media and increasing my exposure there. Trying to beat my tweet amounts compared to authorities online. Which is hard! Some of these guys pump 60-100 tweets a day. I like a challenge however and think I will make that happen soon. I also plan to jump in some forums and really be a big help there with my SEO knowledge and flex my “muscles”:) I’ve learned being a friend in need is the best way to go. I plan to be here for the long haul and really help people.

twitter conversation

Email Collecting

I have already begun in collecting emails also. I collected nearly 55 emails today of eager people wanting to be there when my podcast releases. That felt pretty good. My goal is to have 500 emails by launch day and I think I can make that happen for sure. Up to that point, I’ll feed them more information as we come closer to release day. I’ll try to create some buzz.

Connect With Influencers

My other objective is to get in contact with influencers by email and get them to feature on the show with me in different episodes. That would help bring acknowledgment before hand.

Guest posting

Guest posting, I maybe doing some of that also. It’s a lot of work and I don’t really have time to write for everyone. So I may write this mega-article for a top blog and make mention of the podcast and just see how that goes.

Guest With Other Podcasters

Going to try to land some podcasting gigs between here and February to get more exposure also. We’ll see how that goes. This isn’t easy to do, but very possible if you play your cards right. I’ve been in a few in the past, but I got to try harder during the next 2 months.

Offline Connecting

I see lots of people every month and I plan to make mention with them when I can. So lots of text and phone calls will be happening also. Don’t want to spammy by far, so I got to play it cool. Let it slip when they’re ready. Nothing weirder than pushing something on a grandma who cares nothing about podcasting! But then again you never know about grandmas these days:)

So that’s the plan! I really hope we launch this into the world of epicness and get in front. No idea what to think, but failure isn’t an option. I must hussle and make things happen, and I can, with your help. You always encourage me every time I get that email of success or feedback. That’s what really feeds me to continue this, and that’s the interaction with you. Thank-you for this. Hope to make you smile (with my podcast) while you’re in a plane or on that stroll. Can’t wait.

I’ll keep you updated.