Signature Logo

Get your signature turned into digital today for only $19.

So why would you do this? Why would anyone consider their signature as a logo?

1. It’s your very own brand in which most are familiar. You show it to people on a daily basis. I write mine out 8-14 times a day. This means that 500-600 people are exposed to my “brand”, naturally. It’s like personal advertisement.

2. You can put it virtually anywhere: End of Blog Post, Letters, Emails, Business Cards, and More. Makes it’s more classier than just it being typed out.

3. Makes you look more professional.

4. There will be no other signature like it, therefore it’s unique.

5. It’s at a low price compared to $300 minimum for logo creation.

How am I able to do it for this low?

As a graphic designer we struggle with different variations in trying to make the customer happy. That’s half the battle. With this I’m able to get straight to work and get it done.

How does this work?

1.Make sure to use white printer paper.

2. Use a Sharpie with a thick point.

3. Practice until your 100% Satisfied.

4. Snap a Picture and email it to me at imlukeguy@gmail.com

You will receive your final digitized logo in 2-3 business day.

So what do I get for $19?

-3 different sizes

-1 signature color along with one background color

-The original EPS file. This means you can take it anywhere and designers will be able to use it.

Other Packages:

If you select “1 color” you get:

-One signature color

-One background color

If you select “2 color” you get:

-Two signature colors

-Two background colors

If you select “3 color” you get:-Three signature colors

-Three background colors

Signature Logo