8 Ways You’re Killing Your SEO Traffic

luke1One of the biggest reasons people build sites is simply for the SEO. I don’t blame them.

Search engine traffic can bring people to you who will love your brand and buy from you. 

If you’re really good with SEO, you could make a good living and never leave home. Many have done it.

Or you could be like most and kill your SEO efforts as soon as you hit:


A single post could bring thousands (if not more) of people in traffic from your SEO efforts. Or a single post could do absolutely nothing, leaving you frustrated.  not cool, jaw drop, scary, luke guy

 In 2016, it can be tricky to SEO traffic and many never breakthrough. Three things determine your success with SEO:

  1. Research
  2. Creativity
  3. Outreach

How good are you at creating content that amazes people? If you’re good, you could become a superstar to many online.



I was introducing myself to a potential client over the phone one day and they were like at the beginning of the call:


“I can’t believe I’m talking to you, I’ve always loved watching your stuff. You’re like… famous!”

I landed that job within minutes. It was so easy once they saw me like this. To the client I was a superstar, and I know the feeling vice versa. After you read something amazing, it does something to you.

Basically, I was getting SEO traffic and clients who were impressed with me while doing that. Double win.

If you create amazing content with strategy, you get SEO and profit. If you fail this step, you get neither.

My experience with a great content creator was when I interviewed Rand Fishkin (@randfish), founder of Moz, I was blown away when I was talking to him. He was always creative with his content.

While impressing me, he was impressing thousands, and gaining SEO traffic.

His business is like over 35k in customer count and I’ve read his stuff for years. I know those same feelings, it’s very powerful, but to talk to them in person.

It’s amazing what good writing can do. 

rand fishkin, seo, moz, business, podcast

This same thing can happen for you.  If you’re an online blogger or local businesses, it doesn’t matter. You can gain trust, SEO traffic, and a crowd that loves you.

On the flip side though, you can burn that dream to the ground, if you don’t take the correct steps. That’s including with SEO.

Your dreams could look like this overnight:

In a saturated, dense, and compacted world of blogs, it’s easy to take shortcuts and eventually ruin your path to success (with black hat SEO or bad content).

You must be willing to compete and outperform your competition. The below image shows the traffic analytics of a company in the UK after a Google update. One wrong move could kill your business in SEO.

panda, penalty, seo
Source: ScreamingFrog .co

If you’re not careful, you’ll kill your SEO efforts by trying to focus on bots, algorithms, buying links and etc.

You’ll write these short and bland articles. You’ll begin to fade in people’s minds, perform black hat SEO, and worst of all…

Lose Your SEO Power!

That’s why I created this post for you. It will help guide you when putting together an SEO strategy.

If you have no plan, you could be wasting your money and killing any SEO success you were having. So today I’ll show you some things you may not be doing (or doing) within your pages. that’s hurting you.

I wrote this article based on a study I performed this month. It’s based on the conversation I’ve had in groups, it’s based on links that were submitted to me, and it’s based on what I believe is being overlooked by most businesses. So here are some things you may not be doing within your pages.

Note: Each section isn’t ranked from least to greatest or vice versa.

1. You’re Not Adding Enough Images

This may seem crazy to you, but images play a big part in SEO. If you’re not using them within your post, it could be pointless to even write the article. 3,000 worded articles are great, but without images, that would be boring to read! It is a known fact, Google loves images.

Don’t believe me? Let’s ask Google itself what it likes.

Let’s type “cook steak” in the search engine. These are the results: 

images, steak

Let’s go to the first article at very top

The article contains just over 500 words and it has eight images! If you were to keep researching like this with keywords, you’d understand that Google loves images! You’d be like this if they didn’t:

You also need to add images that actually go with your article. 

It increases on-site time, and could lower bounce rate, which means their clicking around. 

Also, remember to add alt text to your images. Tell Google what’s in the image and make sure it focuses around your keyword. This helps a lot.


2. You didn’t do your homework

The #1 mistake bloggers make is not researching their subject. If you’re adding to the noise, you’re not helping. You must stick out like a purple cow. Why would I say this?

This is why.

wordpress stats

Stats from WordPress show that nearly 70 million posts were published in the month of July 2016. You must stand out, or drown in your own content.

Study what people are needing and what bloggers aren’t saying. Those post will gather the most traffic for you.

There is simply too much noise and content out there to be simply creating one more piece of content without adding something new to the world. 

As time goes by, this only get’s worse. By researching more than you write, you’ll gain more traffic and make more revenue.


People think you must write 400 pages to be successful in the book world. Or that you must spend $100k in development to create amazing apps. 

If you solve a major pain point for someone that’s all you need to do (besides marketing). If your product does nothing useful, spending $50k in ads isn’t going to help you.

If you could solve global warming on the backside of a napkin, people would pay millions for it. It’s not just how much you write, but it’s how much of a problem you solve.

We’re living in a dense, compacted, and saturated world. The only way to break through that is by solving problems that no one is covering yet.

Think Like A Car Manufacturer

Yes, spending money is great when making your site looks great. The content though must be truly amazing and different from the rest. It’s like the car business.

If you were a car manufacturer and wanted to build something better than the competition, would you simply add more cup holders within the car just to say you out done your competition?

car, cup holders
Source: Simon Law

Or would you go deeper and study the real pain points of the owner? Or would you began a movement and create something like no other car manufacturer, such as the Tesla brand. Pure electric, can operate from an app, and drive you while you’re reading this blog post.

Now that’s standing out. 

tesla, electric

The same way with your content online.

You must separate yourself and study on the pain points of your readers. Give them a reason to come back. This applies to everyone.

What are some ways to do research on your next blog post and win SEO traffic?


-Go to your readers and talk with them.

-If you have an email list, ask your readers what you should write about.

-Pay more attention (for local business owners) to your customers and understand why they’re calling you. Turn that subject into a blog post.

-Study your industry through forums, facebook groups or even Quora.


By studying and writing down your findings, you’ll come closer to writing viral content or cracking the SEO code in your area.

The way I did research on this article was by asking around on social media. I wanted to see what were some things people wasn’t doing. I did that by asking for their website and simply looking at their site.

Then from there I injected those findings here within my blog post. I asked on a certain Facebook group for help with research, and I got it! That thread reached nearly 200 comments and people were interested!


seo research

What did I discover in that thread for my research? 

I found out something that most websites aren’t doing, and that’s most don’t focus on a keyword and build their site around it.

Like for instance, PizzaHut. On their site, they’re not talking about tacos, it’s about pizza. You know exactly what that site is about. You know what all they’re about from the URL alone. That’s lasered focused.

laser, luke

The #1 weakness I saw (within the thread) was that no one really knew what their focus topic even was. They could tell me in 60 seconds what the site was about, but how about in one word? Is it possible? Very much. Think about these businesses that do well.


-Smart Passive Income 



In one keyword they crush their topic. You don’t even have to go to their site to know what they’re about. In SEO that’s huge.

By using that as your business name, your anchor text (when being linked) will be your most powerful keyword.

When I created this blog domain, I failed to do that. In SEO it hurts me sometimes, but I  still do fine without it. Things could have been easier though! 

These businesses though had a plan and they knew exactly what they wanted to go after from the start. So from there they focused on a keyword, and they put that within their H1s, meta description, and within the content itself. 

By getting a focus on what your topic is specifically, this within itself will do wonders for you.  I’m ranking pages at a time, but if I had done the other first, the site would have gained traction quicker.


3. You’re going to places like Fiverr to get backlinks…

If you go to Fiverr, you’ll notice their biggest gigs consist in marketing, and better yet… SEO marketing. People want SEO traffic, I get that. 

seo, backlinks, don't do it


$5 for 20,000 backlinks is too good to be true and people know backlinks are important. So they buy these up like hotcakes. However, this will backfire for those that do it in most situations.

Google wants natural and well-earned links. They simply want the best articles and website to place first and they know sites get lots of backlinks without paying for them.

That’s why Google hunts down links like this and nail them as light weight. You could even be penalized and lose all SEO traffic.

The best way to links is by creating amazing content and letting people know about it. 

4. You’re not creating long amazing content

People want to see effort and they’re hungrier for answers. Long content isn’t enough, but it sure does help in the SEO world. If you check all of your major keywords, the content (ranking #1) will be over 1,000 words per article.

It’s been proven that heavier content does best, definitely in saturated markets. Why? It shows that you know more about your topic than other bloggers, and that you did your homework.

Since Google can’t read and understand how in depth in the subject you are, they go by word count as a factor when ranking content when comparing to others.

Back in 2012, serpIQ conducted a study involving more than 20,000 keywords. The results showed that the average content length of each of the top 10 results was more than 2,000 words. That was 2012 by the way. 

serpIq, seo, word count


If you’re in a new market with less competition, you won’t have to go so deep in subject to rank. However, I would do this anyways, to keep backlinks coming at high numbers. Backlinks is the  #1 thing that determines your success with Google.

So if you’re competition is ranking #1 with a 1k word article, guess what? You need to be more resourceful and pull in more data. How can I prove this in another way?


Type in any keyword.

See what comes up.

wikipedia, article, seo

Wikipedia. And guess how many words are in this article?

Over 13,000 words.

Get my point?


5. You created a blog post without any creativity

Creativity is what separates us and it’s how you rank well in Google. When a user stays on your site above average time (compared to others) it’s helping you go higher in the ranks. What makes people stay? Great content, different content, and creative content.

Like a book, comic, or movie, all of these things must take great time in order be amazing. These types of content takes years to make.

Blog post don’t take that long, but if you saw each post like you did a large project, you’d treat it a lot different, and your readers would love you even more. But if you don’t do this, you’re going to be boring.

The way I get creative is by adding my own personal memes, funny memes, home drawings, gifs and etc. 

I also like to blog in my own personality, you’ll also see me try to be funny.

I said try, not always successful:)



6. You have no strategy for your content

When you created your blog post, what was the purpose? How did you plan to get more readers? What action did you want them to make? What outreach will you perform to get links, gain traffic, and bring revenue?

These are all questions that you need to ask when planning your next blog piece. As our cyber world gets more dense, we need a way to get in front of more people, and be legendary. In the SEO, you must create something that you KNOW will hit front page. You can’t expect for Google to notice without making them notice. 

In the SEO, you must create something that you KNOW will hit front page. You can’t expect for Google to notice without making them noticing you. You do this by creating something worth linking to. 

It’s also our only hope with getting more SEO traffic. With no strategy, you fail.

With no strategy, you fail.

What is my strategy within this blog post? I want you to join the group and get within my private community. Or better yet, you can work with me if you like! 

There (within my list) I engage at the highest level and I’m dedicated to readers to help them succeed. I send you my best stuff like this article.

Interested in joining?

Your SEO Strategy

As for SEO, a blog post without strategy will hardly ever get SEO. You must study more to get great results. A successful strategy has the following within the plan:

  1. What topic isn’t be covered yet by competition?
  2. How will I get this post out there? Facebook ads? Emailing bloggers? Promoting to email list?
  3. How does this bring revenue in? How can you make money so you can spend more money in ads and etc. to bring more in more traffic? 

I strategize my post as if I wouldn’t get any SEO, because right in the beginning I won’t. To get SEO you must then see how you ranked at first and then start the process with gathering backlinks. My strategy is to advertise this post, to share within groups, within my email list, and to really get it into the atmosphere. Then to get links and really work hard.


You get those by emailing people, and networking.


7. You had no keyword focus

I’m going to get torched for this, but your page needs a keyword focus. Not saying to stuff your page with keywords, I’m saying you need a focus and a keyword as mentioned earlier.

Google still goes by keyword within the on-page process. It’s how we search, so that’s how Google retrieves information. I’ve mentioned this earlier, but biggest mistake most make with sites is that there is no focus keyword wise. 

To get an idea on how to do keyword research, begin by writing down 10 keywords that describe your business. Look those keywords up and see how amazing the content is for those keywords. Can you beat that? If so, you may want to go for it.

Also, go to AHREFS, and check out their stats organically and see if you’re strong enough to take them on.

This is where most fail and even the legendary fail at this time to time. However, the more you do it, the better you get.


8. You Left No Call To Action

If you were to randomly walk up to a stranger and started talking to them, what do you think their first thoughts were?

I wonder what he wants?

If you were to knock on a door of someone you didn’t know and begin a conversation, guess what their face is saying? Yup, what does this guy want? People are waiting for the punchline.

What do I want? 🙂 

I want you to love me. To join my tribe and be in my circle of connections. Better yet…



Same way with your article, you need a call to action. If they like what you say and you have no CTA, they feel lost. With Google, this is important also.

Reason being is that if your readers go through the article and click nothing, that hurts you. It shows that your content didn’t convince them to do anything.

If people do this a lot at your site, this will lower your rankings. They need something to click. They need something to watch, a way to contact you, and another article to read. Just give them something compelling to do. If not, this could be you.

panda, penalty, seoSource: ScreamingFrog .co

If someone clicks anything on your site, it’s because they find you interesting. Consider this a small conversion. The more they click, the more they likely they’ll buy from you.

From a reader’s perspective: If I read 3,000 words from your site, and you just leave me hanging without taking me to the next level, I might as well ask why I bothered to read. You’ve convinced me to do something and now what?

I leave your site and never to return.

You should be like this:



People want to be sold, and they do want to be convinced. So why not get them to take action and begin this amazing relationship? I’d hate to see you do all this work for nothing.

That’s like having a local business website, without leaving a phone number. I’ve seen it, lots of times. So make sure you give your readers a strong call to action. 



Ultimately it comes to down to one thing. Google wants only the very best content/company at the top of their search engine. That’s it. How do they determine this? It’s all based on the reader and how they react. 

If you inspire your readers to take action, you can gain SEO easily. Yeah, Google has over 200 factor within their algorithm, but that’s a simpler way to put it:) I hope this article helps you.

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