How Your Blog Can Make Money With Zero Views



If you’re just starting a blog and wanting to know if it can make you money, then this article is for you. I’m talking with no traffic involved, you can bring in leads. You could have zero traffic, which I think is impossible, and still make profit. 

Let’s go ahead and learn How Your Blog Can Make Money With Zero Views.

Your Blog Is An Epic Resume

I’ve read too many blogs and experienced it too many times myself. Blogs can leverage you above everyone else when it’s time to get a job. If you have a business and you’re wanting to bring in customers, the blog is the way to do it.  Sure traffic is nice and can make you crazy money one day, but life can still go on until then. You can make money without it until it happens.

I’ll explain what I mean: If a marketing company is looking to hire an amazing SEO guy/gal who do you think they will choose?

  1. The guy who claims 4 years of experience
  2. The guy who has blogged about his experiences while being featured on major blogs

Correct Answer: Number Two 

So if you create a blog that surrounds something that demonstrates your expertise, that blog just shows how good you are. Like me, I can sell my content creation skills along with email consulting. Why? It’s all I write about within my articles, and major blogs feature me with those cool skills. 

What also helps me is that I stick with my topic everywhere I go. I hope to write 90% of the email marketing articles on the internet. When you think email list, list growing, email marketing, I want you to think of me. So why not get paid at the same time to advertise myself? Sounds too good right? It’s reality. The beauty of this is that I’m showing off my skills, getting paid doing it, and bringing in new clients. This can happen for you. 

It’s all because your resume is your blog and the list is your credibility. By showing off your talent, writing about your skills, you’re showing you know what you’re doing.

Now let’s add to equation. Let’s say you have  published for huge blogs like: 

  1. Jeff Bullas
  2. Pat Flynn
  3. Jay Baer
  4. Forbes
  5. LifeHacker
  6. Inc. 
  7. Problogger
  8. Search Engine Journal

You are going to increases your chances even further with any freelance or permanent job. Why? Because the one hiring knows you have major pitching skills. Of course he knows your content is mind blowing simply because you was published by these guys. The feeling is great when the director asks “Where have you been published?”. He then asks, “How in the world did you do that?” I always try to explain but I never can really. Beautiful really;)

Am I getting 100,000 views per article on my blog? Nope

Do I get 1,000 comments per article? Nope  

Are the shares above 500 per article? Not yet. 

You see things help, but these aren’t the questions they’re asking. They ask:  

  1. Who have you written for?
  2. What’s your background?
  3. What do specialize in?
  4. How long have you been writing?

Never before could your work speak for itself any louder than a blog. Combine this with a good size list, and amazing features on huge blogs, who could stop you? You would eventually have to turn down clients because everyone wants you.

It starts with your first guest post. If you land a big one, the world is open to you, but you must start a blog. Most blogs won’t let you write until they have seen your blog. 

Here’s what the game plan should look like:

  1. Study the blogs you want to write on (make sure they’re huge).
  2. Read those blogs almost daily (learn the style and niche).
  3. Find out what’s missing.
  4. Take days to write that guest post.
  5. Back it up with hardcore stats.
  6. Submit it.

One thing you want to do is make sure the blog is within in your niche. Reason being is that you want to make sure you know what you’re talking about. Most of these blogs will only accept people who have authority on the subject they write about. Here’s where things get good, let’s say you’re needing to make money today, how could you make this happen with zero traffic? 

Let’s say you happen to land a big one and you’re now writing for Forbes. Even if you wrote for them at no charge, every newspaper in America would be open to you. You could sign up for almost any writing gig and bring in $5,000-$7,000 a month. This isn’t a long term plan, because eventually you want to sell products and be able to make money in your sleep. Remember though, you can’t do that yet, your traffic is at zero. But by writing for these blogs and getting traffic, that email list will grow. Why? That traffic is relevant because you stuck with your niche all the way through. 

So if you’re going to blog, why not make money doing it? If you have your niche picked already, stick with it and get your name out there. This opens opportunities for book deals, eBooks, and major sales in that subject in which you master. You may possibly produce software one day that replaces all that, I don’t know. But start making money now, so you can reap the benefits later. 

It all starts with that first guest post on that major blog. You do this by becoming friends with the contributors and having them introduce you to the editor. 

So here’s how you do that:

  1. Find your blog you want to write for
  2. Find the contributors who write within your niche
  3. Follow them on social media
  4. Email them and compliment their work
  5. Get the conversation going
  6. Do this for a month or two
  7. Ask to be introduced to the editor because you have a post burning inside that enlighten a subject you master

If the editor asks for your work and samples, go ahead and pitch your article as well. This will save you weeks of time. Once you’re accepted, all the other major blogs are yours. It’s like the domino effect from here. Soon your portfolio will look amazing and you’ll be working from home. 

So go ahead and try this today and see if you’re not coming back inviting me to write with you on your favorite blog!