How to Schedule Consultations With This Free Tool (Also Great For Interviews, Podcast, Phone Calls)

If you’ve been having a hard time with scheduling interviews, consultations, phone calls or anything of the sort. I made this video for you. This tool will do it all for you when it comes to scheduling. You simply give the client your link and the software does the rest.

Before this software, I was winging the interviews from memory and using Google calendars also. Not easy, and before it was all over I’m like:


The software comes with an app, online interface, and a schedule page for your client. It’s free with some paid features you may like. I use the free version for now and it’s doing great. I’m still learning on how to use it for people outside of the United States for my podcast. I’m having a little problem there, but I’m still learning that part.

The name of the software is Setmore and it’s easy to sign up. It comes with an app and it helps me schedule and keep everything organized. It also shows my clients when I’m available to talk on certain days at certain times.

By the way, I would keep the link a secret (the link to your schedule page). Unless people are paying for these times slots, I’d do this and make sure people don’t blow up your calendar and load down your slots. I filter my guest and make sure they’re a great fit before sharing the link. That way you know everything is going to work just fine. Setmore also collects their info for whatever you’re doing. With me, I need Skype ID, their phone number, and email address. I get all that whenever they’re done.

So thank me later and give this software a try, and be cool, like me:)


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