How the Email List Beats Facebook Every Time

NOTE FROM LUKE: Hey buddy! After the post I’ve got something personal I want to share with you, something I’ve been thinking about! But before that let’s talk about How the Email List Beats Facebook Every Time.


How the Email List Beats Facebook Every Time

Facebook is overrated by a long shot and talked about the most. Email is considered old fashion but yet it’s beating the day lights out of Facebook when it comes to results. So why is Facebook over-hyped?

And yes it’s over-hyped. Look at the view count from Warrior Forum below. 




Email? The subject get’s almost 10x less viewing. Why is this?




So Why is Facebook Over-Hyped?

For one, Facebook is free. Email marketing is not free. Facebook is new and more hip. Email marketing is over 20 years old. Facebook is known for things going viral back in the day.

Facebook was a great sharing platform. A single share was worth a lot. But no so much anymore. 

Facebook was a great thing until it became mature. Now at 1.5 billion active users it’s over crowded with only one way to bring quality content to the top. Money. The more you pay, the higher quality that shows in the feed. That’s for businesses and personal users.

Email has yet to change and still brings greater results (I’ll prove this in a minute).

So here’s my advice to you: Build the list. Use techniques like the ones I mention in: 26 Ways To Grow Your Email List Like A Boss

According to ConstantContact average open rates vary from 15%-25%. My average open rate is 25%-39%.

So that means out of 1,000 from an email list, 150-250 people will open that email (for the average). Which is crazy good.

The Facebook reach of a fanpage has declined to a 6% since of February. (According to


Am I trying to diss Facebook? Nope not all. Facebook has benefits, but if you’re looking for serious repeating traffic, email is the way to go.

Just in case you’re not convinced, let me give you my other reasons for choosing email as your main platform over Facebook.

  1. Email has been around longer and makes it more stable. Over 3.3 billion users were reported in 2012.
  2. Facebook could ban you tomorrow. You have no control.
  3. Email has greater results. Like 2-5 times the results.
  4. It takes email addresses to get in the Facebook account. (It’s the golden standard to Facebook)
  5. I own my email list. You don’t own your Fanpage.
  6. Over 1.3 billion people are on Facebook and 55 million status updates are made per day. You’ve got to compete for their attention. How do yo do it? The most money wins.
  7. How do you know which fans are real on your fanpage? With email you can tell by whose inactive by the open rate per user. But there is no such thing as fake email addresses when it comes to double opt-in.
  8. Michael Hyatt and Pat Flynn don’t say money is in the fanpage. They say, “The Money Is In The List!”
  9. People don’t buy because they saw a Facebook post. It just reminds them that they were going to anyway.
  10. People are in connect mode when they get on Facebook. They’re wanting to see pictures, and the latest gossip. They’re not thinking, “So what can I find to buy today?”
  11. Anything that requires clicks receives the least reach on Facebook
  12. Email is controlled only by you. You have filter hurdles to jump, but they weed out spam not quality content.
  13. Facebook can’t be as personal as email. With Email I can personalize with their name and keep it on a close relationship basis.

So there ya go! A list of why I think email should come before Facebook in priority. I’m not saying ditch Facebook. I’m saying put your best effort into email. Use Facebook to build your list if you have to, but let email be your home base.

So there ya go. That’s it for that topic.


Also! Wanted to you know that I’m thinking about Podcasting the beginning of next year (maybe sooner). I’ve got friends doing it who are doing well, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I feel like it would draw you closer and serve you better with mobile content that could be heard anywhere. With smartphones now, we have the ability to learn any place we go.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and that’s talk radio. It’s still in the pipes but I’m seriously considering it.

Well anyways, you have a good day friend. Thank-you for being here with me as I do what I love. And that’s to create content.