How to Guest Post Like A Boss

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Today I Bring You A Challenge, and that is to guest blog for a major blog in your niche. Yes, I know you’ve tried and it didn’t work, but when I get done with you you’re going to be guest posting like a boss. All this can happen if you follow through of course.

Guest Post Like a Boss
Guest Post Like a Boss

Here’s the challenge of guest posting with big blogs:

-They don’t accept blogs you have published somewhere else.

-These guys are getting flooded with guest post.

-You don’t want to spend hours for a post that may not get used specifically for this blog.

I am about to show a plan that is guaranteed to work if you follow through and be patient. You ready for this??

1. I want you to open your Dropbox or Google Drive (Google Drive is best for this)

Guest Post
Guest Post

2. Think about 10 huge blogs that fit in your niche.

3. Write a post that will take you hours to write (I want you to keep this article and never to publish it on your blog)

4. Proofread Like Crazy.

5. Write a killer email that is short and sweet to the major blog. What should the email contain though?:

-A Good headline (Email subject)

-2 to 3 sentences about what the article is about.

-Why you’re qualified to write it.

6.Submit that article to those 10 blogs that I mentionedMake sure to:

-Read their guest posting guidelines.

-Study their blog (Make sure to cover something they have missed).

-Follow up after a week.


7. If not accepted, I want you to go back and make sure that you have at least 500 words within that article. Make sure that you’re straight to the point. Include information that will take time to research. Pictures, make sure you have at least 1 picture if not more that demonstrate your point. Include a personal story that relates to the subject.

8.After a week of waiting, resubmit article. Keep tweeking and adding until that article is accepted. I know it will be tempting to use it for your own blog, but that’s good. It means that it’s looking tasty and a hungry blogger is going to accept it and eat it up.

9. Remember you’re not using this on your own blog because it will get accepted one way or another.

And when they do eat it up, share your success within your social networks! This will create a buzz like you’ve never known. This is building credibility and the hard work is worth it. So quit aiming at the little blogs and start thinking BIG.

Did I miss anything? Add to this by commenting below and giving us YOUR best tips in guest posting.


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