I got a 21% email open rate and why that’s horrible.

email, low open rate

So I sent out an email just last week (You probably got it actually), and with that email I got a  21% email open rate! 🙁 

Please slap me, wait. Never mind, I’ll do it. 

Here’s What Happened

As you can see below, my rates are way better than that usually. Look below and see. The circled was the two last emails to my list which had the same email in it. Look at those click rates too, just horrible. And I know why.low

You’d think I’d done enough testing, but last week, I had to retest and see how the filters would react to my new email format. I did everything according to my post: Why I Hate Signing Up For Newsletters I Like. Except two things:

  1. I added too many links.
  2. And “Buying Email List” triggered filters.  

See below what that email looked like:


So Luke, have you seen my latest article? Buying Email List Kills Businesses In 9 Ways (With A Better Alternative)

Yeah, it’s just as scary as the title. Even if you don’t do this, go ahead and share the article. Spread the news and let’s put a dent in this industry. Millions of spam emails are going out, and I know many mean well, but it’s simply annoying others and cramming our inboxes. It’s also a brand killer. I explain more here.

Or even download it for later.

Also, hope you’re having a good day and letting the cool weather feel your mind with past memories (good ones of course). I love the summer, but there is something about this time of year that makes me feel so warm. You have any memories as kid during this time of year? I sure do.

Tell me about it.

Your Fan,
Luke Guy

All I did was add that extra link, a keyword Google hated, and my open rates started diving like a dying duck.

How Do I know This Is Gmail’s Fault?

It’s quite easy really. I sign-up for my emails, and when I don’t get them, I know others didn’t either. I look in my Promotional Tab, and behold. My beloved email. Every time my rates are low, that’s where I’ll find it.

Learn From My Pain

So learn from me, and hold the links to two or less. Reason being is because Aweber, Mailchimp and etc. must add the other links at the end like “Unsubsribe” and etc.

Don’t forget to write and keep Google in mind: Could this trigger a filter? Phrases like “Enter For A Chance”, “How to Get Rich”, “Buy Email List”, “Great Offer”, “You are a winner!” could punch you hard. Learn more here about what not say. 

So my advice is this: Write like a friend. When greed, promo, salesy streaks hit, Google will smell it (or filter it). Keep it short and straight to the point. If not, more than likely you will hit the “Promotions Tab”. Which in fact will hurt. My rates dove by 40%-50%.

The next time when someone says the Gmail could never hurt anyone. Remember this article. 

Learn from this and keep it as natural as possible or you’re next. 


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