Luke GuyHello! I’m Luke Guy, it’s nice to meet ya.  I study on how to build the email list (through SEO) and show you how you can use this powerful source to build businesses. I talk about all the ways to grow your list and how each one can be a power avenue for traffic. Guest posting, Social Media, Landing Pages, Downloadables, Fremiums etc. are great ways to grow the email list and build trust. Once you build the list it’s all downhill from there. The benefits (as stated below) are profits, massive controlled traffic and an amazing community. 


What you can expect to read about

I love the power of the email list and all the benefits! You hear from famous blogger “There is money in the list.” all the time, but within 30 seconds we’re talking about how to grow on FACEBOOK…. I now realize why. It’s all because people love the bling of social media. I get that. The list is old fashion, but it works. That’s why I talk about it and how you can grow it with many cool techniques.  Here are other subjects we cover:


-Traffic Strategies

-How To Set Goals

-The Daily Mindset Of A Entrepreneur

Need Epic Content?

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