How To Increase Email Open Rate (The Gmail Algorithm Mystery Solved )

In this video I talk about how the email list can really help you grow in your business. It can help all local businesses and those that are purely online also. With the email list, you can send 10,000 emails at once and see a flood clicks come in. To buy, to read, and so on. It’s a dream come true to all. However, there is one obstacle to the email list.

Bad open rates. I focus on this subject in video and tell you how to improve.

The email list reaches more people than social media ever will and produces more profit for you. However, bad open rates can affect us due to less people seeing your email. That’s if you don’t know the Gmail Algorithm. I spoke about this algorithm at Pat Flynn’s blog here about how to improve this:

How to Land Your Emails in the Gmail “Primary” Tab Every Time

I talk about Michael Hyatt in this blog post and how he can improve his emails by following my guidelines. He’s a blogger with over 600k email subscribers and an NYT best seller. After 2 years of me writing this article, he finally decides to listen to my advice and writes about it here:

Why I Changed My Email Newsletter Strategy


He doesn’t mention me in that article, however, I can know I affected his decision. Just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Watch the video and get the full story on how all this affects you and how it can grow your business. Michael finally followed my advice and you should too! Hope it helps:)


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