When 1 Million Readers Isn’t A Good Thing

In my  life I have learned that numbers isn’t always a good thing. I’ve seen presidential elections, games, and businesses flop who had the numbers going for them. I’ve read of wars where one army had the numbers , but something was missing that lead to their defeat.

I’ve read about companies that were massive giants in the industry, but because they would defy one small group of people,  it would collapse in bankruptcy. Guess who made that happen? The small group of people.

Goals  based on numbers alone, to me, is a huge flaw. Even when huge numbers is everything  a blogger works towards, it shouldn’t be the purpose of what we do.

So When is 1 million Readers Not A Good Thing?

1. When we don’t have something in common with the reader. Clearly if you’re not wanting to grow a business, grow a blog, or to live a dream, you won’t like my site. It’s what I’m about. If we don’t have something in common, the connection won’t be strong. What makes anything community thriving, is the energy that flows from me to you. If my writing doesn’t excite and move you, I could be wasting your time.

If I’m talking about cranking the business for major profit and you’re getting ready for retirement, we made not be working in synergy here. Know what I mean? Cases like wouldn’t be of benefit if I had a million readers like this. 

2. When They Show Up with Rocks. I know people crave big numbers, but in some cases it can be a bad thing. Like when you do something stupid and you’re uploaded on Youtube by a friend. 1 million people show up as they watch you do this “stupid” thing. With their rocks ready to fly, they start with the crazy comments and soon it becomes troll city. Cases like this, I wouldn’t want 1 millions readers (or viewers).

3. If They’re Spammers. 1 million readers sounds great and all, but if they’re here to spam and annoy the other readers, what’s the point? When people make comments on my articles they’re either telling me their thoughts or contributing to make my article more resourceful. Not to spam and sell fitness products. I want to be resourceful and to raise resourceful readers. They soon will understand, this is how you make money. To become a living library, that’s what we are about. So 1 millions spammers would actually be a nightmare. Not praying for that to happen.

My Point: I want to make it clear to every blogger, numbers shouldn’t be the main goal when blogging. It will burn you out, and soon you will fail when those goals aren’t reached.

Be a book that hasn’t been written yet. Learn to be a resourceful. Let that be your goal. Understand that nonfiction sells better for a reason, because inside your book, there awaits the answer!

So remember…1,000,000 readers isn’t automatically a good thing, and 1,000,000 readers within my niche isn’t a bad thing.

Your goals should be to build authority. Once this happens, the traffic will come. 

Another food for thought: When that 1 million flock of people come to you, what will they be doing?Will they be checking out on paypal to buy your next book, or will they be commenting on a video you can’t seem to delete fast enough?

Hopefully I’ve changed your perspective somewhat on traffic, and that it’s a good thing, when they’re wanting to help you. Not to share the stupid video.



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