How To Turn Webinar Into Profit, eBook, And Blog Post

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Creating amazing content isn’t easy (in post, eBook, podcast, and video clip format anyways).  In fact it’s becoming more challenging to do these days as competition begins to flood in. So that’s why I decided, along with the survey results, to create this article on how to create many great resources in 30 minutes from one webinar. Did I mention profit is involved? You guys voted for this topic, so that’s why you’re seeing this article today.

If you’re not saving on time, you’re losing it. That’s why we must dedicate our time where it matters most. But why not get something amazing done for half the time? I’m about to show you what I started doing that’s bringing some great results (I’ll mention that near the end).

I’ve been trying out webinars here lately and I fell in love. I soon learn, by using Google Hangouts, that you can do many things at once like never before. Did I mention profits come along for the ride? Keep reading.

How To Create A Blog Post (And an eBook, Audio Clip, and Video Clip) From One Webinar

What you’ll need:

  1. A Quick Presentation
  2. A Computer With Mic
  3. Google Hangouts
  4. Internet 🙂

Overview Of Webinar Strategy

The ways this works is by helping your viewers. You do this by solving a problem, and finding something that isn’t being covered. Talk about it, and then make a presentation around it.

I recommend you creating this presentation around your product/service and then show how it solves that problem mentioned earlier. I’ll explain how this works later. But you want to make sure you spend the first 95% of the presentation solving a problem. Then pitch the product afterwards. 

The Strategy In Steps

  1. Find a problem your product solves
  2. Put together presentation 
  3. Invite People To Come View It
  4. Launch The Webinar
  5. Pitch Product At End
  6. Make Sales
  7. Rip Audio, Slides, Video
  8. Create Resource
  9. Distribute To Your Email List
  10. Use As Opt-in Bait To Get More Emails

The Strategy In Action

My first webinar I launched was thrilling. I had around 20 people show up and sold over $2,000 worth of service. Thing is, there’s no hype involved. You just show your skills, solve a problem, and tell them what you do. Best part is, you’re creating content for your list back at the blog.

So much going on here that it can make your head spin. But in 30 minutes or so you can present this and have a lot of resources to use for later.

Let me go ahead and explain the major steps.

Find a problem your product solves. 

Best way to do this is by performing surveys on the group you want to do this webinar with. Find out what struggles they face and figure out where you come in. This is key and determines your success. So take your time in this step.

Best tools are: Polldaddy, Survey Monkey, Google Forms.

Put together presentation

Once you determine the problem/solution you must prepare for the presentation. By doing slides and a professional presentation, it will enhance engagement with your audience and convert higher than just you on a web-cam. By putting in the time, it shows you came prepared. So by putting together an impressive presentation, you will gain trust.

Best Online Presentation Tools Are: eMaze, Prezi, or just use Keynote or Powerpoint.


Invite People To Come View It

You need to launch this event now and promote it. The best way to ensure success is by collecting emails and build a list just for this.

Make sure to send that email list content until webinar arrives, tease them and get them pumped. In order to do this though you need to get the traffic coming. I only had 20 or so show up at my first webinar, so understand it doesn’t have to be thousands in order to be a complete success. 

Here are some ways to grow that list:

  1. Cold email businesses about it (not spam)
  2. Buy Online Ads
  3. Join Forums, and Group Pages (tell them about it)
  4. Guest Post About It
  5. Call Businesses About It (Scary I know)
  6. Read My Article: 26 Ways To Grow Your Email List Like A Boss

Launch The Webinar

It’s time to launch the webinar. Make sure to prepare an hour earlier before actual time. I use Google Hangouts (free). Test your mic, have the slides ready, and go over what you’re going to say.

Time to shine! I usually go ahead,  give my speech, and figure out what I’m going to say. Be ready though, you will get nervous at first.

Remember though, you’re slamming them with great content, content they want. For a solid 30-60 minutes they’re getting some great stuff. 

Pitch Product At End

When this time comes around you will probably get more nervous. You start fearing the worst. You’re waiting for your viewer count to drop and hit zero once you give the pitch. Don’t stress out though.

If they stayed the 30-60 minutes, they love you. So why not make their lives easier and tell them about a product that could make their life better? Offer your service product at end and send them to product page just for them. I used Gumroad in my first webinar as my product page. Worked out Good. 

Rip Audio, Slides, Video

With Google Hangouts your video is automatically turned into a Youtube video. I delete those and use it for my own purposes. I usually rip off audio with something like this:

Another thing you can do is take that presentation and just export it into a PDF (instant eBook).

Also take the recorded video and publish it privately through Vimeo or Youtube. Then send a link to it to those who you want to see (they could possibly pay to see it). 

Now, if you’re wanting to make something completely epic, you can turn all this into one single blog post. Take the pictures from the presentation and use them as your pictures (you would have many!). Take the private video and embed there for them to watch. From there you can simply add text in between slides and explain what was mentioned in your video. You could embed the video also with Soundcloud or even use it  for a podcast.

How to Grow Email List With This

Obviously the blog post would take extra time, but if you’re strap for time, you can just type enough to tease them into downloading all these resources instead. It’s a natural weakness and that’s getting free stuff.

Make them give their email in order to have all this. Now you’re making money, creating many resources, and growing list.

How does that sound? So that’s my suggestion in saving time. Most bloggers struggle because they give so much free time, well now you don’t have to. When getting paid, it can make that content even better. You will strive harder therefore help more people. So you should definitely try this. It’s something I plan to do myself even more.

Hope it helps!