Can you really compete with 1.7 million post today?


You’re sitting in front of your computer and you have a dream of publishing a post today that could reach millions. The moment you click “publish” you expect the world to flood in and to devour your content like starving fans. It’s a dream.

It’s a dream for others also, over a million people actually, who had the same hopes as you do, and they’re clicking “publish” also.

That’s right.

Today over 1.7 million post will be published on WordPress.


Do you think you can really compete with this kind of number? If so, what is your plan on making that happen? If you think writing every day is the solution, you’re mistaken.

If you think by writing 500 articles in one year is the way to compete you’re wrong. If you think building it automatically means people coming, you’re wrong again. Why? People have done this exact thing and fallen flat. And then they burn out.

Over 600 million articles will be published this year on WordPress alone. Not including all the other platforms. That’s with WordPress only being 25% of the internet.

With the thousands of sites of promising that the blog is the path to riches, the post you’re reading is rare (it’s why you’re reading it). But very few display the reality of the matter when I say, The World Is Saturated With Blogging!

You still there? 🙂

Don’t turn to Facebook either. Over 293,000 statuses are being posted as you read this. I’m not saying you can’t use Facebook, but it’s not the glory days where traffic came so free.

It’s leaving many feel as if they’re slowly fading away…

So if you have a dream of creating a tribe and a following. How do you that? Should you even try in the upcoming year of 2016? Is all this time worth what you’re doing?

My answer is no. Unless you’re willing to do more than most.

You see, in the 2008 era, traffic came like the flood. You could write one day, and people came the next. Like no struggle at all, it just happened. But if you’re going to build anything today online, it’s gotta be in you. I mean something driving you like a mad rocket going to the moon.

What should that one step be? Where are you failing?

Your focus shouldn’t be on your idea. But it should be on your audience.

What do they want?

You don’t have an audience you say? Then why are you writing like crazy? You must first build the audience, and then feed that audience. All you need is 1 person, and then 2. Ask them what they would like to know about. Soon those numbers will roll in and the speed will be with you.

How do you find these people?

Well not on a hope and a dream, that’s for sure.

Look for questions online. On Quora or Twitter or wherever you please. I prefer Twitter. And be the scout looking to help someone.

And just scroll. Scroll until you find a question that you can answer. Then Answer it.

How did that feel? Did that subject please you, and did you find pleasure in helping that person?

If not, keep scrolling.

Keep searching until you find a niche that you like. Find one that is demandable and one that someone would be willing to pay for. Soon you’ll be able to power scan and connect with people who could be a potential reader.

That’s how you build an audience. That’s how you build profit.

As for the 1.7 million post a day. Does that scare you? Well it should. Because we have more opportunity today than ever before. That’s 1.7 million post that you can comment on and build a connection.

Isn’t that exciting?

You maybe like, say what? Yes. So much good is here and the potential is scary. In a good way of course.

Today we have more opportunity. It will take more work yes, But we have more people to connect with. Like never before.

The 1.7 million post doesn’t scare me like most, it brings energy and excitement. Would you rather be in the year 2016 with a flooded world of eager people looking to be noticed? Or an empty world when the internet was first created? I’ll take 2016 any day.

I am an SEO guy, and I know the power of organic search, but that’s not the greatest force, and really never was THE greatest force. Instead, outreach is. Lifting out your hand, and helping someone you don’t know. That’s how you build a tribe. Want to speed that up? No problem.
Just do this 50x, 100x, 500x a day. Find 100 questions today to answer. Be the expert in someone’s eyes today.

As the online world becomes more and more saturated. I get so pumped!

I see it as opportunity, not competition.

Don’t get me wrong about SEO though. It’s still a powerful source and I don’t see SEO going away. You’re just not getting that free traffic anymore though without work. Greatest revelation today is understanding the value of one person. To receive one person on your email list today is enough.

What discourages many is hearing the big guys talk about the 200 email subscribers they receive everyday. Don’t let it faze you. Many flash these numbers to impress and lift their images. Which is okay, some are legit! You’ll get their one day also, if you keep the hustle.

Need a game plan in detail on connecting and building your audience? Let’s do this.

The Connect Like Fire Strategy

Everyone has their own strategy names for their cool game plans, so I thought I’d create a name for mine too:) No matter what you call it though, it works.

  1. Make a list of 100 bloggers who see as your audience. Go ahead and take Neil Patel, or Jeff Goins off your list. They’re too busy blogging themselves. Just be realistic. Instead, focus on the 100 bloggers you see as potential Neil Patels, Pat Flynns, or the Michael Hyatts. Invest in them now, so that you can grow together.
  2. Tweet those 100 people today.
  3. Put those 100 people on a private list within Twitter.
  4. Follow their updates. Like their stats. Comment. Share.
  5. Send those 100 a personal video in their email and encourage them. Tell them what you see in them that is a hidden talent.
  6. Once you invest this time in them. Then ask for whatever you’re needing from them. Such as a guest post opportunity, or an interview.

I’m not say bait them up. I’m saying network. You network to build the email list. That email list is how you compete in a saturated world. As the reader keeps coming back for more, they fall in love with you. It’s a proven fact, unless you drop the ball and decrease your quality content.

How do you find these 100 people though?
By the questions they ask and the post they create on their blog. You want to go for the “B Listers” though. The ones you see as the next in line of “blogger fame”. That’s easily determined by the mentions of other blogs, comments, podcast, etc. Also look at comment count, shares, where they’ve been featured and the content of their post.

And let’s say only 100-200 people are following each of these target bloggers. This is what this look like in numbers:

100×100=10,000-20,000 potential reader exposure.

That means you have a possibility of 10-20k people seeing you when being featured (or mentioned) on these blogs. And if you see potential in these 100 bloggers, you grow with their blog. That could turn into 100,000 people in outreach real quick. If only one of those bloggers become a Lisa Irby, Sue Anne Dunlevie, or even a Kevin Duncan. Those are the kind of friends you want.

Find And Build Connections With Tools

By using tools like Buffer, Twitter Analytics, Google Alerts, Gmail, Twitter, and tools like this, you can connect and really build amazing connections.

You can use Buffer as a way to schedule post out every day. When someone comments, that’s your opportunity to connect. By watching your Twitter Analytics, you’re able to see what actions lead to the greatest exposure. Buffer recommends Hashtags to connect with even more people.

Credit: Buffer App
Credit: Buffer App

Google alerts help you find immediate topics that you’re interested in. By commenting the moment it comes out, it helps bring exposure and connecting opportunity. With Gmail & Twitter, you really don’t need to know how those can help, because you already do:)

The Mistake

I find it amazing how people spend thousands of dollars on a site for people that do not exist yet. Why not find the people and then build? That’s why you go to sites with traffic and find the ones who you could help.

If you can’t do that, how do you plan to build a site with zero people on it?

You can’t. Without networking, it’s just not happening.

That’s why you must focus on OUTREACH. ENGAGEMENT. CONNECTING.

When actually doing this, you’re turning everyone in your path into a potential fan.

Also, remember this. Not everyone will buy from you, but instead some will sell for you. They’ll be the talkers, which is in a sense, is just as valuable. All because you reached out and became an asset and inspired.

So can you compete against 1.7 million post today?

Yes, but it’s all up to you.