Buying Email List Kills Businesses In 9 Ways

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Businesses are always looking for a leverage and a way to grow faster. So they turn to buying an email list of 50,000 people. Sounds good right? So they setup their template and make sure the logo is right at the top. Can’t forget brand exposure, no? They put together the sales pitch, build the template, and hit “Enter”.

Most of these businesses should have hesitated, like the Mailchimp Monkey always does, and considered what exactly could be wrong here.

Very typical for businesses these days to do this kind of thing, but not like they use to. Reason being is because either the business closed down (due to bad reputation) or they realized what was happening to the brand. But how can this hurt a business? Glad you asked. Let me give you 9 reasons on how this method is killing your business.

Top 9 Reasons Why Buying A Email List Is Killing Your Business

  1. The users didn’t subscribe to you
  2. Automatically you’re seen as a spammer
  3. Your email is irrelevant to the reader
  4. You’re now found annoying more than helpful
  5. Could get your account shut down
  6. Your brand was exposed in a negative light
  7. Your profits will not benefit because of this
  8. You’re destroying connections
  9. Your credibility decreases

These are the main things that could happen when buying email list. They sound harsh I know, but it’s nothing less than reality. Nothing good comes out of buying or scraping emails. Not for those who are in it for the long haul.

Let me break my point even further by focusing on three major points. 

1. The users didn’t subscribe to you

You’re thinking that’s okay (that they didn’t subscribe) because this could mean profit for you one day. It’s okay to cheat you might be tempted to think.

Another tempting way to think is: These people don’t know how cool you are and the emails you will be sending. It may be wrong at first but soon they’ll fall in love. If only this was true, but it’s not. 

When I see any email outside of what I subscribed to I unsubscribe immediately. I get way too many emails to just be reading one more. The reason I signed up with the other is because they took the time to win my trust and to build connection. Buying an email list doesn’t do this. You will have more people mad at you than not. Not the best way to get people buying what you have offer, if you know what I mean.

2. Automatically you’re seen as a spammer

Mailchimp can figure out within just a few hours that you bought a list by these factors:

  1. Unsubscribe Rates (More than 3%)
  2. Spam Reports
  3. Open Rate (below a %15)

And when they smell this, your account is going to get shut down. They realize what has happened and will stop you. Reason being is because they know how annoying this can be. The readers take it so offensive that they report and block your email from their email providers. Now connections are being shut off. Not Good.

3.Your profits will not benefit

People will argue with me on this, because they have in fact made money buying list. You send an email to 60k and someone very well may buy what you have to offer. I know this, but businesses are more than just about single purchases, it’s about lifetime worth of purchases. Have a recurring purchase from someone who’s part of your community; now that’s what profits is all about. With a purchased list that’s not happening. They’re not even listening to you, because they’re still trying to figure out who you are. 

Same way with an effective email campaign, you build connection by constantly sending valuable content on a regular basis (2-4 times a month). By writing about something that you could talk about forever, you’re giving them an excuse to be their friend and to stay connected. 

It costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing oneBain & Company.

Also the reaction will hurt your business also. It could start a revolt on social media, could mean suspension from email providers, and most of all hurt your reputation. Reputation is everything, check out the following stat.

“A one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue.”- iSocialreviews

So please consider this before buying an email list. It definitely hurts more than it helps. Somethings simply can’t be replaced, and that’s people’s trust. So what are some better ways to get that list to grow? Consider some of these articles:

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The Real Solution To Growing The Email List

Ultimately it comes down to producing something amazing for that email. That means time on your part, and patience. You must carve out a blog post, podcast, an infographic that someone is willing to trade their email for inorder to get more of. So by writing and putting out good content, your shares will raise, the traffic will increase, and the email list will grow. You will attract search engine traffic, links from other bloggers, and the list will grow even more.

So the gist is this: work for that email. It’s worth it. Look at the chart produced by

Email marketing, ROI wise, seemed to be most profitable for these companies. Even compared to SEO. The results with SEO maybe better, but getting those results may cost more. So the email list is definitely the way to go along with SEO, and content marketing. Why not use the other two to build the email list? 

Consider this before buying that email list, it may just save your business. 

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