Why Your Blog is Like A College Degree

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Will Folsom on Flickr (cc)

In our country, college is the core of where “success” comes from. A good education is great and becoming a professional learner is definitely the key in success. It’s like the pool of knowledge. My thing is most people get their business ideas from other students who go there, not necessarily the teachers or the books. It’s thinking with others and engaging with this generation as you work together. The books help too of course, but I think its what the books do, not so much what’s in them. It teaches students to think. To consume knowledge like a T-bone steak. To get the wheels turning. That’s why college helps many, it get’s you thinking.

Blogging is a great hobby and it brings great joy to complete each post. This too helps you get the wheels turning. For some, their blog makes them money, and before that happens a lot of time has been invested. Like college, you spend time (and money) hoping for the day when you will see profit come from your efforts. But for those of you who aren’t making wagons of mulah with your blogging machine, this message is for you. Understand this, Your blog is building something incredible for you.

Many of you are asking, why would anyone read my blog?

Who am I? Why would people take my  blog seriously? Well first of all, most people believe what they read on the internet period, sadly, but true. Second, you’re establishing your library. Everyone needs a library that they established, if you want to become a successful writer. By referring to these post, it raises curiosity, and soon people will learn how valuable your information is. As you build this library, you will build your audience. Something else though comes with consistent blogging. In order to do this you must have fresh ideas within content on regular basis, here’s how: “Where do Good Ideas Come From?”


Over time you build credibility, like a college you work 4 years to get just that. Not a job, not a promise of a good future, just credibility. To some, that is worth $60k- $120k in student loans. It’s to say, “Yeah, I made it.” In blogging you’re not promised to make bagillions with it. But with effort, and time, you will build credibility. Someone may just come by and read your blog and say “Wow! You do this without getting paid? The content is so good, and so valuable, we want you on our team!” So many papers and employers are looking for someone with passion. Not just a paper on the wall, but someone with drive (the paper helps too). The paper shows your drive, but so does the blog. You’re building your credibility and it doesn’t cost you a dime, well maybe hosting fees. The credibility is worth your time and you need to let this drive you. Every post is another anchor from your ship into the sea of stableness. It shows your passions and consistency. College is good too by the way, don’t get me wrong. Just letting you know that drive, zeal, and time combined equals success.