ATG 25: What My Successful Podcast Guest All Have In Common

What Do My Successful Podcast Guest All Have In Common? One thing. They find a niche they love so much.

From there they make friends and simply enjoy the environment, but one day something bad happens… 

They run into a problem within their niche that was hurting everybody. The pain was real and they had to solve it. They stay up at night to solve this problem and can’t sleep right until they do.

They eventually solve it and present it to their friends within their niche. 

Kaboom, business born.

This happens many times within my interviews and I go over this more within the episode of how this usually works out.

My podcast episode today in summary

I have been so grateful for my guest. I have learned so much from them and have taken their tips to grow myself and my brand. In this episode, we will be going over those takeaways and how you can implement those into your brand. This episode is much shorter than my others, but it’s slammed with what I have found to create successful brands. 

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What I’ve learned:

-The man/woman finds a niche they love

-The found a place to talk about their niche and learn

-They discovered some major pains that made them sad

-They decided to fill in the gaps so they can do what they love again

-This method turns into a business

-What they thought was a problem was really their destiny

-They were their own avatar

-They could persuade people to buy because they were already friends within their niche

-I can testify of this