ATG 24: Dan Anton & I Talk About SEO Product Validation And Launch

Dan Anton owns a SAAS company and marketing agency in Atlanta. He’s number #1 for the keyword  “Atlanta SEO” and uses that for credibility. We also talk about how he built connections within forums to build his first product and hit $30k/monthly in just a few months. 

Starting with a pain point he studies what’s missing in the SEO world within software. Starting with an email list of 30 people he grows his base to over 30,000 people. It wasn’t always this good though for Dan.

He had began so many businesses before, such as a video game business, a social network business, and others. What you’ll learn is that a good product does a lot for you when you REALLY solve a problem. Validating it is more important than actually creating it, but it all starts with connecting and engaging with your peers.

His Website:

How do you launch products and be successful?

You do what Dan did. You study your own problems and see which ones really need a solution. Write down your major pains and find out if others have the same pain also. That alone will sell, and that’s when you know the feeling that others are feeling.

It’s hard to talk about the solution when you’ve never felt the actual pain. It’s good to be your own avatar. That’s why it’s best to be your own customer and feel the effects of your product. If you’re a chef and don’t eat your own food… There’s a problem!

Dan mentions some people that have really helped along the way. Here are those people:

-David Mills
-Mike Long
-Greg Morrison
-Kotton Grammer (@iKotton)
-Stephen Floyd
-Joshua Fletcher
-Joe Marfoglio

As for tools, he mentions these have been game changer for him:


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