ATG 21: Rand Fishkin Founder Of Moz Speaks With Me About Business & How To Become A Major Influencer

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I get to speak with the humble but yet fascinating Rand Fishkin. He started Moz, the SEO software company, and in 2016 his company handles over 35,000 customers.

It all began in 2004 for Rand and I wanted to dig deep into his mind of how all this began. I wanted to hear his strategy of marketing outreach. What did he do to make this fly so well?

I sit down for 30+ minutes and learn from a guy who knows how to brand. The conversation was definitely interesting and I was very intrigued to hear his answers.

Questions I ask Rand Fishkin in this interview are:

Would you recommend new content creators trying to take on the marketing world in 2016? If so, how would you approach it.

Which one do you focus on most? Making the product greater or outreach? That seems to be a hard choice for bloggers.

How did you outreach your idea in the year of 2004? What steps did you take?

Who are three people that guided you and help make this happen?

We also talk about the number one weakness of the business owners: FOCUS. He talks of how he overcame this and completely crush it in his industry.

This conversation was so helpful to me and I know it will for you. He definitely knows how to connect and he talks about how that strategy of outreach helped his business in the very beginning.

Rand also talks about some people in his life that really helped him. This conversation begins at 31:00. He mentions the following people that really guided him to make all this happen:

  1. Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan)
  2. Michelle Goldberg (@ellegold)
  3. Dharmesh Shah (@dharmesh)

You don’t want to miss the episode by far and make to sure subscribe to hear from more great minds like Rand Fishkin.



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