ATG 18: 10 employees under 3 Years In Lawncare (Connection Powerhouse)

Roger started a lawn care company under 3 years ago after a business deal goes bad at another company and he & his brother are forced to hit the streets. With families and broken dreams, Roger decides that giving up was not an option. They begin doing what they know best and start a lawn care business. A very specific niche in lawn care on top of that, with using chemicals on the plantation. They stuck with what they knew and didn’t go beyond their knowledge just for money. That was a good choice on their part.

Knocking on doors, calling people, and connecting was the first thing they did when starting their business. Roger talks about the long days and late nights and how the business began growing rapidly and soon they would be turning over some crazy money. They add on pest control & termite control and things get even better for them.

I ask Roger, what was driving him because I felt like something was unusual about him than most of my guest. He gave me a general answer, but it wasn’t good enough for me. What was driving these men to go at it so crazy even after 10 employees?

Roger opens up and tells me of his fears, a promise he made, and a dream he hoped to fulfill. The story is touching and you’ll absolutely learn a lot in this episode. Roger is a humble guy and very glad I got to meet him.

His site:

lawn care, pest control


-How fear isn’t always a bad thing

-That you can grow a business in rapid mode if you want it

-You never go wrong connecting in the beginning

-Humbleness takes you a long way

-That bad things can be for the better

-You don’t have to have money to start a business. Just some connections and a passion for your business.