ATG 05: Christy Connects Like Crazy And Hits 7 Figures In Two Years

Christy from SometimesSpouse speaks with us about her instant success with a young business (2.5 years to be exact). Her strategy was to connect and we see how she did that in our interview with her.

My takeaway from this episode was to study pain points closely. The stronger the pain point, the higher you can launch on day 1#. Handyman work was something Max (the husband) was good at and was a needed service in their area. Also, they was able to train people quickly and build a team that could take this faster than most business do in twice the time.

With catchy titles, cool one liners, and a funny storyline, Christy takes her business up and above with major press. She talks about her connections with the partners and how those connections was most important in order to keep this together.

Mentioned In Episode:

handyman, business, texas, waco


-How to get your business out in the open

-How to connect like Christy

-How creativity and connectivity is needed ingredients

-How pain points can help project you into the atmosphere

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