ATG 25.1: Allison makes over 100k online being a chef

What started out as a passion, Allison began her journey in gaining a culinary degree. She graduates and now is left to make a decision. Should she go the route as everyone else? Or should she take her own journey? The way it ends is very cool, or begin I should say:)

Becoming a teacher, Allison solves a major pain point for people all over the country. She creates food preparation content and people pay for it!

What started out to be a one-on-one thing, she now helps thousands of people. Listen as we talk about her journey.

Her special offer to us:

What you’ll learn:

-You never know where your passion will take you

-It may not exactly turn exactly as you thought, but you’ll be happy

-Learn how to scale your idea and make more in less time

-How to study pain points

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