ATG 22: Todd & I Talk About Business And How To Be Featured On Sites Like HuffPo

Listen to Todd Van Duzer talk with me today about traveling and the balance of business. He loves to travel and loves making connections. However, we must learn the balance as Todd did after his first business “crash”.

After seeing his business fail, Todd decides to take his business more serious and still travel like he wants, but this time with more strategy. After the first failure of his business, Todd puts it into gear and works hard to bring his business back. 

He does that well and get’s featured by Huffington Post and really get’s things going again. So failure isn’t bad, it’s honestly good. The pain is what drives us, and we learn from our mistakes. We just can’t give in. We must collect our data and understand where we lost. Then try again. 

Listen to Todd and me as we discuss all this in the interview.

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