ATG 20: Stuart Trier, 3 Businesses and His Journey Along The Way

Stuart Trier is an admin over a group I follow. Knowing me, you understand I’m reaching out pretty heavy and always looking to hear another good story. Well, Stuart has one for us that will make your day. After reaching out I discover that Stuart has done a lot of cool things in business. You never know about people until you ask!

The story: Starting his business  in his early 20s, Stuart finds himself starting a hardware company where he sells tools with his friend.

They open shop one weekend and they promote the event heavy for a few weeks. When they arrive at the scene of the store for grand opening, they see a long line of people awaiting them. Ever since then, his taste for business has been strong.

He sells that company while it was making over a few million a year and decides to try other things. We talk about the 2nd business and then the 3rd which is his SEO cheat sheets company. Doing very well, Stuart tells us how connections have changed his life forever.