ATG 19: Talent Plus Connecting Like a Hustler Equals Ratana’s Amazing Journey

Ratana grew up singing, loving musicals, theater, cartoons, and anything dealing with illustration. She ended up studying marketing and advertising at Michigan State University, where she learned that creating amazing brands is very much like telling an amazing story. She would learn marketing and gain this very important skill to start here career. It was something she felt she had to do if she was going to work in the corporate world.

She loved story creation however and her heart was pulling at her, but she needed a way to make money at the same time. After much work, and outreach, Ratana figured out the perfect combination and has been sailing ever since with her leap into the wild business world of entrepreneurship. Now she’s much happier with her setup and loving the journey thus far.

She’s very talented with her voice and has also been featured in video games (too cool!). Ratana & I have a great conversation about what her outreach looks like, and what tools she uses to maintain that flow.

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-How Ratana escaped her day job

-What should the immediate action be of a new business

-Ratana’s favorite way of outreaching to potential clients

-That loving what you do carries you through the hard times