ATG 16: Jane Shares Her Methods Of Connecting With Journalist

Jane Tabachnick, my guest today, talks about her journey of publishing and making stories come alive. When she sees a possible story that she thinks will do well, she helps that person in getting PR and making their dreams come true. Through this process, she has seen many clients climb to the top. Like a coach, she shares her experience and wisdom with them. Today, she does that with us. We learn she has a director type spirit and loves investing her time into stories she thinks will fly.

You may not have a book yet, I don’t, but there is certainly some major takeaway here. Getting a hold of journalist and publishers isn’t easy. The world is after these people, and they’re running like they’re on fire. You must first invest your time into people before asking something in return.

How do you know which one’s to invest your time in? How do you know this is worth your effort? Can you actually be featured in major news centers? Jane gives us her wisdom her and we see through her eyes today in how she determines all this.

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Getting attention isn’t easy, and it’s art. It’s an art you must learn if you want to get major PR in your business. That’s why listening to people like Jane is a must. I go through her mind to discover things that will help you in the long run with grabbing that attention.

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-How to turn boring stories into something amazing

-How titles mean everything to a great story

-How relationship building takes time

-Journalist are people too and just need to know you care