ATG 15: Beth Nydick Meets Dr. Oz & Jay Leno With These Secret Connection Tips

Beth Nydick, my guest today, talks about the old days of maintaining connections with rolodex cards and telephones. Years later she’s keeping the connections hot and talks of how she has landed some cool positions throughout her life. One thing that she mastered quickly, was her fear. She talks of how she met Jay Leno and asks him personally for a favor. She speaks of her latest feature with Dr. Oz and how she got inside the doors to make that happen. We listen to this and if you listen closely, you’ll get some takeaways for your business.

What’s the biggest thing stopping you from executing your next plan or meeting that new person? It’s one word.


If we overcome the thought of rejection and instead let it empower us, we can do things most can’t. Beth shares those stories of how rejection was nearby, but that didn’t stop her from rising and reaching to people that could change her life.

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We learn how Beth has walked this journey and how connections actually got her where she’s at today. Listen to her  as we discover the power of simply asking for what you want in life.

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Mentioned in episode:


-How to ask without fear

-How few connections can open many doors

-People aren’t looking to reject you. Many reject and it’s nothing personal, it’s just not good for them.


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