ATG 14: Was you late for the party? (Inspirational)

I’m loving creating these inspiration clips for you and it drives me to do more interviews so I can get to these type of episodes. I hope it helps you because it’s like my personal diary. I encourage you and at the same time, it encourages me to keep going. I use to listen to these type of motivational speeches with the cool music, and would listen on Fridays to pump me up. That’s when I had weekends off:)

Today’s episode was to discuss about us being late for major events, investments, and platform growth. Reason I talk about this is because we have seen many grow with platforms just because they showed up early and took a risk. We arrive late, due to age or simply not knowing, and feel left out. In this episode though, I talk about how we should focus instead of wishing for luck. We are to form a skill, and not to wish life away.

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