ATG 13: Ian works for the Olympics, Bloomberg, and CNN With 3 Secrets

Ian O’ Sullivan, my guest today, has traveling in his blood and has seen so much during his lifetime. However, what we talk about in this episode is his secrets with connecting with people all over the world. Making friends in a matter of weeks meant landing a job at the Olympics. Connecting with interviewers and with people on the inside of Bloomberg meant landing a huge job with no prior experience. His strategies also meant connecting with crazy reporters and getting his footage featured on CNN. You can use these skills to build connections anywhere to build your business or simply to be a better person.

Ian's Travel Company
Ian talks about the three ingredients it takes to land successful connections. We learn about those in the interview and how in short periods of time, Ian made friends just in time to get him to the next level. You’re definitely going to love today’s episode as me and Ian travel back in time of past journeys with people.

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Mentioned in episode:


-How to travel anywhere and connect like a pro

-Ian shares 3 secrets to connecting like he does

-You Don’t Have To Be Naturally Aggressive To Be Forward In Connection Building