ATG 10: Carli van Heerden and Luke Talk About Hitting 6 Figures While Overcoming Rejection

Carli and I talk about how overcoming rejection can help you stay secure during the beginning stages of building a business. After sending hundreds of emails, Carli felt like giving up on her podcast business when she first started. Her business efforts were to help podcasters save time by helping them edit their content while saving lots of time. She would stop at coffee shops and be alone for hours hoping for a day she’d have a team. Barely 2 years later, she’s seeing that. Day after day, she continues with her dream and now she’s talking about it with me and how things have gone.

Mentioned in episode:

podcast company


-Rejection is ok

-Validation comes through rejection

-Why you should never trust your feelings

-Understand the POV of your potential customer


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