ATG 09: Luke Goes Solo To Inspire You

Today is very different than usual. I didn’t interview anyone in this episode. I go inspiration mode today to encourage you. Have you ever heard those soundtracks where a guy is speaking with the cinematic music and by the end of it you’re ready to go take out a giant? Yeah, I’m trying that here and maybe you’ll like it.

I downloaded some new software and wanted to try it out. I include music today with me speaking and I’m pumping my energy into your heart. Let me know what you think. The next episode will the be the normal as usual, but I plan to do more of these as we go along. I hope it helps you.

–Some new software I ‘m trying for sound quality (VoiceMeeter)


-Luke loves software:)

-That reaching out starts with confidence in your gift

-That all it takes is 1 person to help explode your business and idea

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