ATG 08: Sue Dunlevie & Luke Talk About How Blogging Has Introduced Over 10k Connections To Her

Sue Dunlevie and I talk about her journey in the blogging world and how that’s used to connect like a pro. She’s connected with over 10k people and has a strong tribe within her email list. She’s a very nice lady, and I can tell she has the sales force with her.

I enjoyed talking with Sue and she definitely knows how to connect like a machine. If you’re a blogger, or a local business, you can learn from this episode today.

My takeaway from this episode is that connecting is hard when you’re the new kid on the block. When you’re a new blogger it’s not easy getting featured, but you must overcome the insecurities. You can get overwhelmed with all the technologies, seo strategies, social media platforms, and etc. However, when you take it back to this basics of connecting, it all becomes easier again. Just be you, and do that well!

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-How to get started and connecting like Sue

-How to build an email list of 10k

-How to connect to build audience to make profit