ATG 07: Jacob Warwick & Luke Talk About Publicity, Being Featured On Major Sites, And Connections

Jacob Warwick And I talk about his impressive portfolio, his skills in writing, & how he was featured with major companies. He has published over 100 articles this past year for publications including Entrepreneur, ADWEEK, Social Media Examiner, Forbes, The New York Times, and many others. (E.g, clients such as Xerox, Percolate,, Sumall, Under Armour, etc.) Which is definitely not easy to do!

My takeaway from this episode was to start with credibility in your business. By establishing major connections and getting strong referrals, it can help increase conversion so much higher when the traffic comes. Companies do this by advertising with a celebrity. You can do the same by working with popular companies and getting a video testimonial or by advertising with them in some way. I did this with Mike Stelzner and he made me a video testimonial about me! Which was totally cool for me!

Mentioned In Episode:

jacob warwick
Jacob Warwick


-How to get create your social circle

-How to get on strong referral

-How to become a publicity pro like Jacob