ATG 06: Will Blunt & Luke Talk About How Guest Posting Brings Thousands Of Connections

Luke speaks with Will Blunt on the subject of guest-posting. It was going to be episode #2 instead of #5 and Luke explains how that happened. It’s a different episode from most and Luke goes over that within this episode… Why am I talking in 3rd person here?? Ha:) Bad habit. Anyways, it all turns out good and we dive into a cool way to build connections no matter you’re situation.

My takeaway from this episode was to test the best ways to create connections. Figure out what helps generate the most traffic & contacts so you can ignite those into raving fans. Not easy to do but definitely achievable.

Connecting, writing, and content creating isn’t easy, but it’s worth the connections you’ll be harvesting.

Mentioned In Episode:

How to Guest Blog for List Growth

blogger, will blunt

-How to get your business more exposure

-How to guest posting could help every business

-How the email list is a game changer for you

-Why you should blog even if you’re a local business