How to Add Hyperlinks Within Your eBook (No Software Required)

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How to Create eBook

Everyone loves eBooks and are great to send traffic your way for a very long time. You could link to something helpful or even link to your contact page for communication purposes. You could even insert affiliate links within your eBook to make money. So there is a lot of benefits to make eBooks with links. 

But the only way this is possible is by inserting links within your eBook with some kind of program. 

So how exactly do you add links within your eBook? Many use Microsoft Word, Acrobat, and Coreldraw. But all these cost money for the full software, so I’ve created a free guide on how to create your eBook at no cost. Here’s how:

How To Add Hyperlinks Within Your eBook (Free)

Required: A Gmail Account

Google Drive is a great way to make that next eBook with links. You simply type it together (with pictures) and add links just like you would with Gmail. But instead you publish it as a PDF. 

Just click this: and get started.

Step 1: Click CREATE and then click DOCUMENT

Add, link, Within, PDF, eBook
Add link Within PDF. Click Create

Step 2: Create your eBook. Type your text, insert your images, create your content.

Add, link, Within, PDF, eBook
Add link Within PDF. Create Content

Step 3: To create link, click the below and add link. Give your text and then the link in which you want your reader to go.

Add, link, Within, PDF, eBook
Add link.

Step 4: Publish eBook

Add, link, Within, PDF, eBook
Add link Within PDF

And there you have it! Your new fresh eBook with clickety links is ready to make some money! Aren’t you special 🙂 Now you can started building income as your sell your eBooks online or to simply give away. Hope this tutorial helped you in some way or fashion create that eBook with links. I don’t see why anyone would make an eBook without them.

Anyway, hope this brings resource to you and help save you time and pain. I know it was simple, but hey, you never know who doesn’t know, you know?