Hey! I’m known as Luke Guy and I am a marketer and an entrepreneur. I appreciate you looking me up and wanting to learn about me.


However, I want to give you my sole purpose of this blog. What can you expect here? The #1 thing I teach here is the solution to every business  and it’s the focus of my blog:

OUTEACH, business, growth


People focus on how to make money on their blogs. Some focus on the latest algorithms of social platforms, and some focus on psychology. However, without major outreach, the rest is useless. You don’t get to make any money, and all the platforms out there are pointless without you outreaching like a pro. People love the idea of SEO, and win easy traffic, but it’s not easy anymore. You have to outreach on a daily basis and keep the business pipeline full.

I test out my outreach strategies and give you the results on my blog. I also interview podcast guest and ask them how they connect with people. That show is called Ask The Guy.


I publish short videos about tools that help us outreach more and save time. I also break down the stories of famous entrepreneurs and we study their life and what daily habits helped them build massive empires. Basically, I focus on outreach and how we can pull together something amazing. The more outreach you do, the less you have to worry about customers. Sure, we must do them a good job, but we must outreach and keep the traffic flowing. Or soon, you’ll lose.

Also, you’ll see memes like below of me just to add my personal touch of craziness.


So why should you believe anything this guy says? There’s a lot of information out there, so how do you know when to trust someone. I say look at his referrals. So while we’re on the subject, look at some places in which I’ve been featured:


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