7 Incredible Plugins I Use For Email Marketing

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Today I wanted to show you 7 Incredible Plugins I Use For Email Marketing. It’s kind of like my utility belt if I were Batman. It helps me grow my list and manage it. You’re going to love this list!

So let’s dive into 7 plugins that could save the day and grow your list even faster. 

optin, monster, email1. Optin Monster (Starts at $49): Known for the amazing pop-ups, Optin monster has mastered the high conversion rates. I like it best because of the cool designs with the pop-ups. It also has the exit technology built within side which makes it stand out among the rest. This means when someone goes to exit out, you ask them to sign-up for your email list. It has other great things that come with it, but pop-ups is what it does best. 

streak, gmail, email2. Streak (Free): This is a Gmail Plugin not WordPress, but it’s a must-have. It alerts you when someone has opened your email.  Coolest plugin ever. It also shows what time the email was opened also. Life Saver really. Definitely if you write guest post. This plugin has really changed my writing career for the best and so glad to come across this one. 

3. KingSumo GiveAway (Starts at $198): Great plugin. I used it for my first contest ever. It’s super with it’s cool sharing abilities to make things go viral. I thank Damian and all them for creating this product and helping the blogging industry. I was introduced to it by a guy name Josh Earl. It had grown his to 200k with it. Talking about crazy! I talk more about contest here and here

sumome, email4. SumoMe (Free): Created by Appsumo it has become quite popular. Over 10,000 people are using it currently. It’s actually a toolkit that is full of cool little tools. Scroll Box, Heat Maps, Contact Forms, and Content Analytics are just a few things that come with this plugin download . Did I mention it’s free? 

hello bar, email, optin, bar, form5. Hello Bar (Free): Neil Patel the great was the creator of this plugin. I included it on the list because of the simplicity and the presentation of the data collection. Once you login to the Dashboard you will see just how amazing it is. It reveals the exposure, the conversion rates, and the emails collected in a simple way. Also if you want to relay a quick message to your readers that day, you can present it with this bar at the top. Kind of like a news bar. 

6. Optin Forms (Free): If you’re looking for ways to embed optin forms within a blog, this is for you! 5 forms are included with this WordPress plugin. They work really well and I still have it embedded in my blog post. You can sync the forms to your email provider and bam! You’re ready to roll. Love this because of the cool designs and color personalization feature. 

7. Contact Form 7 (Free): Contact Form 7 is definitely not new to the blogging world. With over 20 million downloads, people flood to this simple tool. The reason it stands out is because it was one of the first and still remains one of the best. I have up on my contact page and it does the job well. If you’re looking for a free (and safe) way to get emails like crazy, this is for you:)  

So there ya go! Go try these and see if you’re seeing great results. 

My Mess Up Last Week

Also I wanted to apologize for my mess up here last week. It was around 11 PM at night when I wrote my email for the next day (Friday). I put in a quick subject line and kept going. I didn’t realize I had only included the names of the people on my list. Basically I sent an email with the name of reader only in the subject. I was so focused on the content that I forgot about the amazing subject line

I’m slapping my forehead for being an idiot. (Hang on) Okay just did it.

The next day when I recieved my own email, I realized what I had done and I felt so stupid. I didn’t know what was happening next. Expecting the angry emails, I just waited. And waited some more.

They never came!

I had received an 39.5% open rate and no negative response. Whew! I feel grateful to see my audience not hate me for what might had appeared a trick. I wasn’t trying to trick anyone, I simply had stayed up too late and forgot about the subject line lol. If you’re on my list, just know I’m sorry and wasn’t trying to trick you with just your name as the subject.

But this goes to show my point of how important relationship can be with your list. It comes to a point where the readers don’t read the subject line anymore, they’re just glad to hear from you. I’m gracious, once more, for amazing readers and not sending any hate mail for what appeared a trick.

I’m truly blessed.

Hopefully you learned of some new plugins and just cool my audience really. I appreciate you!