6 Freebies That Will Spike Engagement In Your Blog

Want to offer more to your readers? Here’s are 6 ways you can pack those post with resources they can’t refuse.

1. Offer A Download


A great way to have your readers buzzing is by offering a download. You do this by first writing your blog post. Let’s say you’re writing on how to create graphics like a pro. You then can give them example of what it might would look like. For an example: This flower I have created for you.

Idownloadf you’re using AI, or possibly CorelDraw, upload these in their original format so they can be pulled apart and looked at more closely. Like here: I have this flower I created in CorelDraw X4. Download that source file and you can see how I did it in Corel Draw X4.  

You can offer free songs that you have written. Free software you’ve created. Free source code. Skies the limit! Just simply have something there for them. People love to download stuff!

2. Offer Tips

This one is pretty simple. I would focus and try to do this in every article  in some way, some how.

Unfortunately people don’t read anymore for entertainment like they use to. They turn to other like the TV, Youtube, Apps etc.

They’re reading your blog because they really need to know something. So make sure your blog is packed with tips if possible. If you can be Entertaining and resourceful, this is a plus! People love list and if you offer valuable list with tips they can apply within 5 minutes, they will love you.

3. Offer Downloadable Checklist

Great way to offer freebies to your readers is by creating printable checklist. Let’s say you’re a graphic artist and need a better way to organize all of your work. Offering a checklist that helps them break down this process will be loved by many. They will  tell their friends and now you have more people in that niche, that you want, coming to see your blog. You can get an idea here of how to do this: moneysavingmom.com/downloads/all-free-downloads

4. Research and Offer Coupons

Godaddy offered a 2014 coupon for .99 domains and I shared it with my fanpage. They loved it and I felt proud that I was helping my readers. It gives them a reason to come back. You too can offer coupons in your niche and help your readers out financially. They will love you for it.

5. Offer a Free eBook

I understand this one takes time and seems time consuming, but it’s worth it. If you no more than copy/paste your top blog post into an eBook, they will thank-you. Just offer a useful resource that they can share.

6. Offer Free Training

Offer free training and link to it from your blog post. It’s another freebie that has them begging for more.

It’s also good for finding leads. How? It appears that you’re offering free training, which in fact shows just how skilled you are. You’re self advertising what you do, but indirectly. Make sure to offer free consultation during this training. By keeping this line open, it points potential customers in your direction.

It also gives you authority and a trustworthy image. When suddenly you become the teacher and they become the student, they realize you’re the pro!

Luke is a blogger at Lukeguy.com where he talks about eBooks, email marketing, and how to have fun building your income streams. He has written for many blogs in his niche including Problogger, Smart Passive Income, and Convince & Convert.



31 thoughts on “6 Freebies That Will Spike Engagement In Your Blog

  1. Hey Luke,

    Nice article with important tips. I have not shared any of the above listed stuff till date. I hope downloadble checklist and coupons could be the easiest ways to offer.

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  4. We have done decently well with free downloads, better than coupons, not surprisingly. It’s a good thing to do because no one is going to buy your content if they don’t have a good idea of what they are getting.

  5. Yes. It’s really help to a blog. Freebies is a good option for a blog to engage with readers. They could be get pay attention on your blog on regular basis. They get something from your blog as a free of cost. Thanks for share this good idea and shall implement on our blog too :)

    1. Who doesn’t love free stuff? I know I do, and it could be the selling piece you use to get them to buy your product. Hope you the best!

  6. Offering free services like a free report on the current SEO of the reader’s blog can be useful too. In this way not only you will gain engagement, but also some orders if they want to increase the SEO performance of their blog.

  7. Being a newbie blogger I have researched as much as I could about driving traffic and increasing email subscriptions and the one thing I found in common across the board was to offer an eBook. I struggled at first – as a lifestyle blogger I didn’t think I was ‘expert’ enough in any field to be able to write a whole book however after a brainstorming session (while driving through the country) I figured out my topic and know it’s something I’m proud of. Hopefully by the end of February I’ll be offering my eBook for parents of NICU babies. I’m very excited. Thank you for all of the additional resources too – once my eBook is done I’ll certainly be investing some time into other avenues.

    1. Krystal,
      An eBook, course, software etc. works Just whatever is your gift to the world. It works. Google is the biggest giver ever online and one of the richest. It’s because what other people pay, they’re offering. Come back here and show me your new eBook!

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