5 Reasons Why I Won’t Share Your Post

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Photo credit: martinak15 (Creative Commons)

In today’s world, success doesn’t come any easier, all it takes is one click and your post has been shared in front of thousands. Which later could snowball and mean more clicks and more shares, which in fact could turn into sales. You end up with an abundance of shares, more sales and you’re now pumped. Get good at this and you could be set for life, and you never left the living room chair.

Only Problem is… I’m not sharing your Post. But Why not?

  1. Your not expressing who I am. You see, I share only things that tell the world who I am. Show me how your product makes me look better and I’ll share it.
  2. Isn’t informative: I want something that relates to me and my friends in which we learn together. Like the new Bitcoin, what is that about and how does it actually help us make money?(No really that’s a question)
  3. You’re stuff isn’t moving me. I want something that moves me in my emotions and will move others. Like to cry (for joy of course), laugh, or think deeply. Something that stirs people up and makes them think, “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?”
  4. Your post was Way too Long. “Nobody ain’t got time for that.” Before I realized your point I bounced off. Just too long. Give it to me in bite size, that’s much better.
  5. I can tell it’s all about You. I don’t want to promote you, just getting the idea you’re trying to promote yourself makes me NOT want to share your post.

This is the natural mindset of the viewer. What you must do is make the product/post apply to the reader. If you sale shoes, show the reader how cool they look in Your Shoes. If your Sharpie, make art and creative pieces (Which they do) that inspire the within to create a masterpiece themselves. Inspire them, encourage them, give them hope, make them feel brave, and do whatever it takes to show the supreme benefits of your product and how they can use it. It’s all about making them look good, with your product, make them look better.