26 Ways To Grow Your Email List Like A Boss


Today I have written “26 Ways To Grow Your Email List Like A Boss”. I know you already do some of these things, but save this article somewhere and go back to it as a guide. We forget time-to-time the many ways we can build our list. Even I do!

But one mistake you can’t make and that’s not actually building the list. See every email as a connection and pretend each one has a million followers, because one day, they might. So let’s get started and figure out what works.

26 Ways To Grow Your Email List Like A Boss

1. Guest post with your email link. By doing this you could see anywhere from 10-50 subscribers. Simply write a targeted article for someone’s’ blog you really like and have your email opt-in link at the end. Make sure it’s okay with the blogger you’re publishing with. 

2. Slideshare with email link. Do an amazing slideshare and post your link in the description. I think links are disappearing in Linkshare all together, but you can still put in your short url version that’s easy to remember (mentioned in point #14).

3. Sweepstakes that require email. If the sweepstakes are good enough, most bloggers are going to want to help you promote it. Why? Their audience would benefit from it, if it’s within their niche. This is great for building connections also when letting people know about it.

4. Create a free service that requires email. (Like a free site evaluation, a grade report of their blog, an identification report of a product, a report on graphic design of a site, and etc.) All this for an exchange of their email. 

5. Create an eBook that requires opt-in. You could simply take a popular post, turn it into a PDF, and exchange it for emails. Promoting it on Facebook with money is a great way to get potential customers within your list. 

6. Do webinars. Michael Hyatt loves these things and make those leads even hotter by feeding them information with great energy. He shows how he can help grow their platforms with his products.

7. Create an app that requires email opt-in to receive your free product. Like for instance if they want bargains in their city for all the latest restaurants, and your blog is about deals and couponing. This would be great to get their email so you can send them the coupons through the app and the email. This can be expensive I’m sure. I’ve received 40 emails a day doing this. 

8. If you have a physical product, set it out and do a physical sweepstake. People who come in your store are already  potential customers right? A physical sweepstakes would only be a dead giveaway that they’re definitely interested in what you’re selling. Once you have their email you can contact them every time a good deal comes out. But don’t go crazy with it. 🙂 Make sure they know that you’ll be doing this. 

9. Speak at conferences and give a speech. Ask them if they liked your speech, if so, they can signup at your table that to get further information from you.

10. Add your email opt-in link to your signature. Works great for forums, and your email.

11. Take emails before starting blog. If you have a domain, make it one big opt-in form and send all your traffic to it. Bloggers accept website domains better than an link to your list. So when visitors go to your site, good chance they will join.

12. Collect emails for beta software. Tell your readers that you are offering the first 200 people your software for free. Tell them it’s free, but they must give you their email. Put out surveys in that email list asking for feedback. Improve the software based on this and then launch for the public. Send the upgrades to that list and give them a  deal for being part of your list. You just built a customer base, performed research, improved a software, and made profit down the road in one single action.

13. Write a book and publish it on Amazon with your website and links to opt-in form.

14. Create a short URL that is easy and forward it to your opt-in lead page. Make the url short and sweet. Dedicate this mini-site to just collecting emails. Add testimonies, pictures, and etc. to make your opt-in as attractive as possible.

15. Do podcast interviews and give them your short url when asked.

16. Comment on Forums and have your signature link to your opt-in page.

17. Try to talk with 5 people (in email) a day about your niche. Have your signature ready with a link to your opt-in.

18. Search your niche in Twitter under “People”. Comment on their stuff, shoot them an email and let them know what you do. Make sure to include your opt-in link somewhere.

19. Include opt-in boxes on every page and post of your blog.

20. Do Popups. Optin Monster and SumoMe (free) is great for this.

21. Mention on your social medias that you have a exclusive email club. Share your opt-in link.

22. Offer special discounts with checkouts if they give their email.

23. Have a Facebook tab that offers something in return for their email. Like a chance to win a t-shirt, an ebook, checklist etc.

These tabs work great:




24. Write within your blog post about the benefits of signing up to your blog. Talk about within your post the benefits of joining your list. Like the benefits of people joining my email list is the exclusive tips and software giveaways.

25. Promise to never spam your subscriber and then keep that promise.  

26. Guest post and offer something downloadable Give something away to that community and make it to where you have to opt-in to get it. 

So there ya go. That should keep you busy until my next post! Hope you have a good day and make sure to work like crazy for that dream. Contact me anytime if you have any questions.